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Small Business Accounting Firm Orchestrates Big Acquisition

Press Release: October 16, 2015

October 15, 2015 – TechValidate (www.techvalidate.com), a pioneer and leader in marketing content automation, today recognized the role that its partner CFO Rick (www.cforick.com) had in managing TechValidate from its earliest days to a high-profile acquisition by SurveyMonkey.

CFO Rick, the premiere Bay Area accounting and tax firm for small businesses, was hired by TechValidate in 2010 when the company was four people working in a converted loft in Berkeley. When TechValidate was acquired by SurveyMonkey in August of 2015, the company boasted 50 employees in their Emeryville offices.

“CFO Rick was instrumental in helping us get off the ground, grow into a highly profitable business, and subsequently complete our merger with SurveyMonkey Inc,” said Steve Norall, CEO and Cofounder of TechValidate. “We wanted to be a fast- growth company yet scale profitably. We had to be very tight with expenses and careful with planning. Rick and his team really understood our business and the constraints under which we had to operate.”

“We chose CFO Rick because they solved all of our back office challenges. They helped us with HR administration, revenue recognition, vendor management, expense reporting, insurance and more for TechValidate. They even helped us navigate state and federal laws which can be complicated for small businesses. Every one of these was critical for a small business trying to get off the ground,” said Norall.

“I tell people to think of us as their internal accounting department,” said Rick Belgarde, CEO of CFO Rick. “Every small business needs the same services as large companies, but they cannot afford to employ a team of financial specialists. CFO Rick provides a complete set of services at a much lower price. It just makes more sense for small businesses.”

CFO Rick is a full service accounting firm created for and dedicated to the needs of Bay Area small businesses. Their team includes experts in a complete set of services including:

• Bookkeeping, payroll and accounts payable/receivable
• Tax preparation, employee benefits and contract negotiation
• And strategic services like CFO/controller functions, business and financial consulting, investor relations, and budgeting and planning

“We didn't even have to think about the financial end of the business as we focused on the products and services that our customers needed. Through every step of our development, CFO Rick was able to scale with us. We wouldn't have been able to grow as fast as we did and secure such a favorable acquisition, if we didn't have a partner like CFO Rick.”

““We know that we’ve done a good job if the business can withstand the intense scrutiny of the due diligence process,” continued Belgarde. “That is success and we pride ourselves on it.”


About CFO Rick
CFO Rick, the premiere Bay Area accounting firm for small businesses was founded in 2003. The company, based in San Francisco, offers a complete set of financial services from bookkeeping and payroll to budget and planning and financial consulting. CFO Rick’s client list includes some of the Bay Area’s most successful small businesses including Bhava Communications, Home Bistro (acquired), Jasperlabs (acquired), PharmaTrust, Starmaker, TechValidate (acquired) and Vista Partners. Learn more at www.cforick.com.

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