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SLN Pest Control offers effective Organic Pest control Solutions

Press Release: May 07, 2014

Bangalore (07/05/2014) - SLN Pest Control has launched its new website. On it you will find our pest controls as well as find many locations providing services. Our residential apply Bedbug pest control, rodent pest control, cockroach pest control and Pest Control Services. You will always find our sections on prevention tips and seasonal issues to help you keep everything under control. We are providing pest control services to get rid of your cockroach control, bedbug control, rodent control and anti termite control pest control give a call to get rid!

SLN Pest control provides quick and easy pest control and anti termite control services for the benefit and comfort of resident in Bangalore location. The company comprises a team of seasoned experts and professionals trained to work quickly and efficiently to remove any household pest infestation with minimal damage to customer's possessions. The pest control treatment requirements of household pest of various kinds, the company have an impressive track record of successfully exterminating a range of pests from various households of previous clients. Their services range from expert bed bug controls, anti termite control and other pest control services for cockroach controls as well as getting rid of rodents.

Often, pest control services use chemical-based components to pest control services. While this is effective, it is equally harmful to residents. After all, no one wants their little children playing in a place which has been sprayed in coatings of strong chemicals. As a solution to this problem, SLN Pest Control is offering a new line of green and organic products to keep out the pest control ones safe in your homes. Effective and just as useful as chemical products, SLN Pest Control can safely be used in kitchens and even on house plants. The effective rodent and squirrel control products are designed in a way that your pets won't be harmed either.

About SLN Pest Control

We are glad to introduce ourselves as pioneers in the field of pest control service. Our clients consists a number of Government and Industrial Establishments, Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, MNC and Software companies etc., We undertake pest control services on annual contract basis or just one spot treatment at a very reasonable rate and the cost of our service is very negligible when compared to the Losses / Damages by the pests.

So, call upon SLN Pest Control to effectively protect yourself, your family, pets and property from cockroach, bedbug, anti termite infestations; without harming them through chemical products and all the while in harmony with nature and the environment. For more information, log on to http://www.slnpestcontrol.in

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