Press Release: July 17, 2020

Hello World|Open Eyes is an electronic rock EP and the debut release from the trans artist Skye Cooper. The Ep is the cumulation of psychedelic experiences, heartache and frustration experienced during an extremely adventurous life and career. A self produced passion project that cuts against the grain of popular music trends in an attempt to create art that reaches deep truths in the human experience. Skye is different, the music is different and in this case we believe that different is better.


Originally born in North Wales, Skye joined the army at a young age and served in operations overseas. After becoming disenfranchised with military life and realising the potential for other things, she left to follow her passions, music and helping people. For the next three years Skye trained guide dogs and performed acoustic sets of original and cover songs around the UK. Eventually an opportunity to pursue a higher education in music led to moving to Manchester to study music production full time. A lifelong love of learning and a rebellious attitude have created an independent and articulate artist ready to set the world to rights through music.


Skye is an independent, rock artist and producer based in Manchester UK. Her music has been described as ‘high-level philosophical theories but explored through a much more accessible platform of electronic rock’. 

Notes to editors

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