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Skrivanek Chooses Memsource for its Speed and Flexibility

Press Release: June 12, 2017

Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, Skrivanek is among the top 50 language service providers in the world and was a top-grossing company in 2016 for outsourced language translations and interpreting services, as recognized by Common Sense Advisory. It provides a variety of professional language services to major multinational corporations and government entities including the United Nations, the European Union, European Investment Bank, and World Bank.
In selecting Memsource, Skrivanek cited the speed and flexibility of the platform that can be easily customized to provide quality and accurate translations for their global business needs. It valued the ability to work both online and offline, the options to share, manage, and edit multiple translation memories in real-time, and the ability to split and merge segments. It also highlighted the Support team’s “lightning fast” assistance.
“Skrivanek prides itself on the ability to manage large, complex translation projects for our clients with specific attention to quality and specialized terminology,” said Jaroslava Ouzka, Global Sales Manager. “Memsource provides a flexible and customizable technology platform with advanced features that will enable us to continue to provide fast, high-quality translations.”
“I’m very pleased Skrivanek has chosen to work with the Memsource system,” said Memsource CEO David Čaněk. “It’s great to work with a fellow Czech company that has an established and respected presence in the global translation industry.”
For more information, please contact:
Skrivanek - Jaroslava Ouzka, Global Sales Manager, +420 605 235 691 jaroslava.ouzka@skrivanek.net
Memsource - Marcela Soukupova, Head of Marketing, +420 720 023 173 marcela.soukupova@memsource.com
About Skrivanek
Skrivanek Group was established in 1994 and continuously has grown into one of the top comprehensive language service companies in the world. Skrivanek Group network of more than 45 offices in 17 countries throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas enables the provision of quality translations and product localization services in over 100 languages. Skrivanek Group is a holder of ISO 9001:2008 and EN 17000:2015 certifications.
About Memsource
Memsource is a leading cloud-based translation platform that enables global companies, agencies, and translators to work together in one secure online location. Memsource is internationally recognized for providing an easy-to-use, yet powerful translation environment which processes 1.5 billion words per month from over 200,000 users around the world. Combining robust performance, customizable features, and user-friendliness, leading translation buyers and providers use Memsource to streamline their translation process.

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