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SkillsForce Announces New Strategic Alliance Positioned to Revolutionize Educator Professional Development

Press Release: August 13, 2020

SkillsForce, an innovative technology company focused on transforming educator professional learning, today announces it has secured a strategic alliance with Members Impacting Students; Improving Curriculum (“MISIC”), a non-profit, education consortium supporting 120+ school districts across multiple states and developer of a growing library of micro-credentials.


The SkillsForce platform empowers educators to create a sharable portfolio highlighting their educational background, professional learning activities and skills developed via micro-credentials along with facilitating the sharing of best practices with a community of peers. For school districts, SkillsForce dashboards and reports provide essential information to make better data-driven decisions to accelerate the collective professional growth of their staff.


MISIC’s forward thinking micro-credential template and growing library of rigorous & relevant micro-credentials provides opportunities for educators to learn, develop and put into practice essential skills needed to impact student learning. The growing list of categories include Remote Learning, Social Emotional Learning, Professional Leadership, Student Engagement, Literacy, Mathematics, Science, and others.


"As we continue to execute our mission to transform educator professional learning, we are excited to announce schools worldwide will now have access to the entire MISIC catalog of micro-credentials on the SkillsForce professional learning platform,” says SkillsForce Founder and CEO Bryan Scanlon. "We were so impressed by MISIC’s expertise, commitment to high-quality, and collaborative approach of Sue Beers, and the entire MISIC team, we adopted their micro-credential template for our library, along with securing quality assurance services for all SkillsForce micro-credentials moving forward.”


SkillsForce’s growing number of subject matter experts and investment in technology puts them at the forefront of companies able to meet the various professional learning needs of districts, schools, and educators. Districts using the SkillsForce technology-enabled platform are rewarded with authentic evidence showing successful implementation of their professional learning initiatives, while noticing a reduction in workload, enhanced time savings, increased collaboration, and collegial support.


"SkillsForce’s accelerating growth is a testament to the company's innovative technology platform, the ability to adapt to the needs of educators, and their mission-driven management team," says Sue Beers, Executive Director of MISIC. "We look forward to actively working with SkillsForce to empower educators worldwide to develop and show the skills they need to make a positive impact in the lives of their students.”


Jamie Morgan, Project Support and Technology Coordinator for MISIC, adds: "SkillsForce provides game-changing technology for enhanced professional learning for systems, groups and individuals. By adding our forward-thinking template and complete library of MISIC micro-credentials, SkillsForce is now set to close the “knowing-doing gap” and revolutionize educator professional development.”


About SkillsForce


SkillsForce is an innovative technology company focused on providing transformative professional learning for districts, schools, and educators. The SkillsForce platform supports all aspects of an educators professional learning career while providing dashboards and reports so school district can have a data-driven advantage. We partner with subject matter experts and organization like Tom Hierck, Dr. Angela Peery, Dr. Ann Cunningham-Morris, Kathleen Budge, William Parrett, Dr. Stefani Arzonetti Hite, MISIC, Students Matter and others.  These experts provide high-quality, rigorous, and relevant content in the form of micro-credentials, coaching academies, workshops, and blended learning solutions for K-12 school districts.




MISIC is a non-profit member organization that exists to support district leaders and teachers in building their confidence and capacity to design and deliver on a curriculum that prepares students for their futures. We impact member districts by understanding the need for students to be college-career-citizenship ready, which guides our work of improving the rigor of content and rethinking the way that content is taught, supported, and assessed.  We focus on sharing resources and initiatives that have been carefully vetted through a deep understanding of the work and well-articulated criteria for quality implementation. We strive to make the complex simple and user friendly without compromising the necessary depth of understanding. 

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Bryan Scanlon (bryan.scanlon@skillsforce.com) 301.922-8978                        


Jamie Morgan (jamie@misiciowa.org) 515.460.0362


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