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Skills Matter expands its reach with new partners Codurance and Tweag I/O

Press Release: March 26, 2020

Skills Matter expands its reach with new partners Codurance and Tweag I/O

Consulting partnerships will allow the newly relaunched training company to support client project delivery needs in addition to skills transfer

London, 26 March 2020Skills Matter has announced partnerships with two leading consulting companies, Condurance and Tweag I/O, who will work with Skills Matter to help our clients become digital, tech-driven leaders. Working together we will offer an integrated set of strategy, project delivery and continuous learning solutions with a strong focus on skills transfer.

A 2019 IDC report on Digital Consulting firms reported that transfer of knowledge/skills to clients’ employees has long been a recurring complaint among consultancy buyers. By working with expert-driven, leading consulting firms such as Codurance and Tweag I/O, we will ensure that our clients get the solutions they need while building the digital DNA required to be tech-enabled businesses.  

The groundbreaking partnerships will see Codurance and Tweag I/O working closely with Skills Matter at an enterprise-level. The two firms have a long history of offering advanced technology related project delivery services with integrated skills transfer services, and will aid Skills Matter in supporting engineering teams desire for personal career development and job satisfaction.

In news that will please many within the engineering community, the two companies have also agreed to support Skills Matter in hosting a series of virtual events sharing training content to support the needs of our growing home-working population

These partnerships are the first the company has made since being purchased by the Quad4 Group in January of this year. The announcement can be seen as the first step in furthering

Skills Matter’s ability to provide world class holistic solutions to tech-driven enterprises across the world.

“The partnerships with consulting companies Codurance and Tweag I/O are underpinned by our shared vision of community, knowledge sharing and skills transfer.” said Quad4 / Skills Matter CEO Frank Rodorigo. “Our businesses compliment one another - we are aligned in the belief engineers are the engine of tech innovation and that an enterprise’s most crucial competitive advantage lies in talent reinforcement by skills development. The myriad opportunities created by our partnerships will be powerful and profoundly impactful.”

“Codurance and Skills Matter have a long history of collaboration both commercially and in our community work,” added Managing Director and co-founder of Codurance. “We feel that, in some part, we owe our genesis to Skills Matter—they were the home for the London Software Craftsmanship Community for many years. We are excited to take our relationship into a deeper partnership. Since our very beginning, we have pursued a mission to help individuals and businesses continually improve the software craft. The partnership with Skills Matter will have a wider and deeper impact in our industry. Our clients appreciate us for creating a lasting positive impact in their organisation and our partnership will further strengthen that.”

“Skills Matter has grown to become hugely influential in the London tech scene and functional programming communities in Europe and beyond,” echoed Tweag I/O founder Mathieu Boespflug. “We’ve known them since their early beginnings when events were held in the crypt of a church. Skills Matter’s vision to foster communities around paradigm shifting technologies and practices has jibed with our own. Just as it attracted world renowned experts to learn from at Skills Matter, this strategy enabled us to assemble the team of deep tech engineers we have today. So we're thrilled to be partnering with Skills Matter and Codurance. This partnership means access to more experts, greater knowledge sharing and faster progress in our industry.”

Additional details about the partnerships is available at skillsmatter.com/go/partners


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