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Ski And Snowboard Carriers Perfect Solution for Transporting Your Snow Gear

Press Release: July 19, 2017

With projections and unique shapes, one cannot deny that skis, snow boards and allied snow gear just don’t pack up well. Some are undeniably long, some gear is squat and wide or bulky. Trying to fit them all into the meagre storage space of any car is going to be a challenge – they simply occupy too much space! But relax, we've the perfect solution for this convoluted problem – the ski and snowboard roof-top carrier.

The fact is, many compact cars are just not large enough to carry all your ski gear and sticky them out of your car window can look ugly as hell not to mention down right dangerous. The best solution is to add a roof-top ski and snowboard. Putting all that odd shaped gear on the roof of you car is the best solution there is and here are your options:

The Yakima Fat Cat – Yakima incorporates the famous Double Joint hinge system so even ultra broad ski boards can easily be accommodated. You can now load your car full with other things and drive into a storm; your precious ski boards will still be there. The Yakima FatCat 6 is aerodynamically crafted to reduce wind noise and drag and is capable of holding up to four pairs of snowboards or skis.

Thule Universal Flat Top Rack – This roof top ski and snowboard is by far the most popular ski and snowboard carrier and seems to be everyone's perfect solution for transporting snow gear. Visit any popular ski resort and you will notice most vehicles seem to have the Thule Universal Flat top rack and for a good reason too.

Thule Universal Flat top rack is easy to use, sturdy, reliable and minus the fancy price tags of competitors. With the Thule Universal Snowboard Carrier -you can attach up to two boards and still have space to add other luggage to your roof-top carrier. While other ski and snowboard manufacturers seem to assume the folks don't carry anything other than their snow gear, the Thule's have designed a roof-top carrier that can carry your ski and snowboard and then some more stuff.

Rhino-Rack 2 Ski and Snowboard Rack – are the answer to your prayers for manufacturers to make extra large release buttons so you need not take off your gloves in freezing temperatures. Yup, the Rhino Rack Snowboard Carriers is equipped with extra large press-to-release buttons that can easily be operated with gloves on. We've tried it and it works well. Just install this rack, load up everything and your friends, and off you go for a holiday into the mountains.

Whispbar WB300 Snow Mount – Sleek and beautiful is one way to put it. In fact, it is so beautiful that it will look perfectly at home on your shiny new Audi, BMW or Merc! It has a low-profile super aerodynamic design that reduces wind noise and improves fuel efficiency. But hey, if you have have bigger bindings that's not a problem for this baby at all — it incorporates the patented SmartLift that increases roof clearance when needed. This Prorack Ski Rack and snowboard carrier is engineered to perfection – just like your car.

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