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Sizzling Bevy Of Beauties Turn Up The Heat For Big Brother Star Darnell Swallow Video Releases

Press Release: January 12, 2010

Love it or hate it, Big Brother mania seems to sweep the nation every time it hits our television screens. I guess it's a British thing to say one loathes something only to keep it safely within reaching distance just in case we miss anything. The psychology behind the hit program is an obvious one in the ever increasing effort by television gurus to blast us with the element of sensationalism and shock tactics, a formula that obviousy keeps millions glued to the screen but sometimes at the expense of disappointment to house mates.

It's easy to assume that some of the unsuspecting chosen few should know what to expect before they enter the house, or at least they think they do. The reasons for applying to Big Brother vary but there are two main catogories, the ones that enter in search of fame and others because a mate said it would be a laugh, It's as simple as that. The most poignant reason must be because one wants to overcome personal hurdles and prove something to themselves and nothing more. One of the most well known house mates to date must be black albino, Darnell Swallow who touched the hearts of many when he appeared in the memorable Big Brother 9 series.

If there was ever a peoples person to emerge from the house this talented warm individual must be the one "Big Brother was an expirience" said Darnell during a music promotion in Kings Lynn, Norfolk "It's worth it when people remember you from Big Brother but that's not what it's all about, It's what you do after you leave the house that counts" He also emphasized you had to be a strong character to keep focused on what you really want and in his case it was undoubtedly his music.

After speaking with Darnell it was obvious he was tuned in long before Big Brother and the weeks spent behind closed doors was a personal challange to overcome years of bullying and society's cruel ignorance towards people that look different. Reality televisions plastic persona and media euphoria was the last thing on his mind, it was music that was running through his veins all that time. Darnell knew the plan before he entered the house and what he was going to do after he left, it was strategically mapped out in his mind.

Darnell is a true role model and a survivor concerning the aftermath of a media onslaught. He used the Big Brother experience as a training ground for the Months ahead preparing himself for the music arena and by the looks of things It's working. The much awaited debut music video, Kisses Aren't Contracts, is a favorite on social video networks like You Tube and is a highly polished production featuring Best Of Both and starring Keisha Kane "Best Female Actress" at the UK Adult Film and Television Awards in 2008. The video is laced with a bevy of sexy beauties but most of all the music has been given the thumbs up by Darnell fans across the globe.

Darnells forthcoming music video, Make That Money, sees him team up with gorgeous French singer Vanessa G and the talented Tmac forming the trio DTV with an exclusive appearance by Ayo. RV and CO management invited us to attend while on location in Kings Lynn shooting the video with crack production team Trail Pictures from London. The Norfolk location erupted into a frenzy of fast cars, hot models and media coverage, promising another treat for fans.

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