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Press Release: December 03, 2015

Aesthetique Dental care is a private general and cosmetic dentist based in the centre of Leeds within the Merrion Centre. This dentist in Leeds can be considered to be one of the leading private dental clinics in the UK providing Six Months Smiles Leeds treatments and Invisalign Leeds treatments.
Aesthetique Dental care provide an extensive range of treatments from general dentistry and simple fillings to smile makeover, crowns, veneers and cosmetic dental bonding to help you achieve that perfect smile you have always wanted. They also provide dental implants to replace missing teeth as well as dental bridges, cosmetic dentures and a range of different orthodontic treatments.
If you are unhappy with your teeth or embarrassed about your smile because your teeth need to be straightened then then you may want to consider cosmetic braces to help straighten your teeth. Cosmetic braces are an effective, safe and affordable solution that will fit with your lifestyle. Dr FJ Hamid is the lead dentist at Aesthetique Dental care and is a Platinum Invisalign Leeds provider as well as the only dentist in Leeds to be appointed a Six Month Smiles Leeds Mentor.

What are cosmetic braces?
These are white or transparent braces designed to be discreet and which are worn to straighten the teeth and improve their appearance and your whole smile. They are worn to correct facial abnormalities such as underbite/overbite, misaligned teeth, crossbite, crowded teeth, and gaps between the teeth as well as other issues. These braces are often known as fast acting braces because they speed up the time in which teeth move into the desired position. They are designed to be unobtrusive and are light and comfortable to wear which means you will feel less self-conscious when you are wearing them.

Six Month Smiles Leeds
These braces are designed to re-position crooked or badly aligned teeth in a six month period – hence their name. These super-fast braces are an ideal choice for patients requiring treatment faster than the usual 1 to 3 years.
The braces are smaller and lighter than the traditional train track braces and consists of small tooth coloured brackets and wires which blend in with the rest of your teeth and are not noticeable. They use a small amount of force to move your teeth into the correct position. Once the braces have been fitted you will undergo a few adjustments to ensure they are correctly in position.
Dr Hamid is a very experienced Six Months Smiles Leeds provider so you can rest assured your treatment is in great hands. He is involved in both the training, mentoring and advising of other dentists both nationally and internationally in the Six Month Smile system. Aesthetique dental care are one of the few clinics in the UK which are certified to provide fast acting cosmetic braces such as Six Month Smiles Leeds.

Invisalign Leeds
These are an alternative to the Six Month Smiles system and are generally chosen for their aesthetic properties because they are unobtrusive and comfortable. Invisalign are virtually invisible and are usually chosen by people for cosmetic reasons.
These braces are made entirely from transparent plastic which means there are no metal brackets or wires visible. They are designed to be worn 22 hours per day and need to be changed every 2 weeks so they gradually move misaligned teeth to the desired position. It can take many months or even up to a year to realign your teeth.
Dr Hamid is a recognised Platinum Invisalign Leeds provider which means that he is highly experienced at providing Invisalign Leeds treatments. With his wealth of Invisalign knowledge and experience he can help you achieve the perfect smile you have always wanted and give you back confidence in your appearance again.

About Aesthetique Dental Care
Aesthetique Dental Care are one of the most technologically advanced clinics in the North of England and use modern contemporary techniques to ensure that you receive the best dentistry possible. Some of the treatments include onside 3D computerised CAD/CAM ceramic crowns and veneers meaning your crowns and veneers are fitted in a single visit.
They have a range of orthodontic options including Invisalign Leeds and Six Month Smiles Leeds discussed above as well as Inman Aligner which is another type of short term cosmetic brace.
Dr Hamid has over 10 years’ experience in general practice but has also held a special interest in cosmetic dentistry and implant dentistry for several years. He has been responsible for helping thousands of patients solve their dental issues and has helped to create many beautiful smiles. Aesthetique Dental Care also welcomes nervous patients as well as emergency dental appointments so if you have toothache then don’t hesitate to call.
The ethos here is to give you an honest opinion and to ensure that your trip to the dentist is pleasant and relaxed and the treatment provided is the best possible.
The practice is situated in the heart of Leeds in the Merrion Centre with its guaranteed onsite parking and easy access to shops and amenities. Its convenient location means it’s very convenient for people working in the centre of Leeds. Lunchtime and late evening/weekend appointments are available on request to make your visit as convenient and pleasant as possible.

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