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Single Men in London Can Now Turn to the UK's Female Version of Hitch

Press Release: March 23, 2010

They say dating is a game and games are fun, right? Well, unfortunately for millions of UK singletons dating has, more often than not, proved to be a frustrating and fruitless experience.

Meeting people is one thing; finding the right person is something altogether different and whilst nobody ever said dating was easy, it's certainly true that you can make life hard for yourself.

The phenomenon of online dating has opened the gateway to millions of fellow singletons countrywide, where you can robotically filter your preferred choices and try to arrange a date - as though you were selecting a new car and requesting a test drive. Aesthetically pleasing they may be - yet dates, like cars, often don't run as smoothly as anticipated.

However, if you're one of five million single men currently residing in the UK, a bright, shining lady light might just have appeared at the end of that tunnel. Described by many as the UK's female version of Hitch, Camelia Fredericks has one crucial element that places her a cut above Will Smith's famous date doctor character; she knows exactly what women want.

As the CEO of The Divine Image, London's leading consultancy for dating advice, personal image and social etiquette, Camelia has helped hundreds of single men find love through in-depth analysis of each and every client based on solid research into human behaviour, sexuality, body language and the differences between the ways men and women think and communicate.

Step by step, Camelia and her team of professional and experienced consultants will work together, overcoming the barriers that are holding you back, teaching you the skills you need, the places you might need to go and the steps you need to take to find the relationship you want. 

Camelia says: "I lead one-to-one sessions to enhance confidence, image, flirting skills and sexiness to help find the love of your life!"

A self-confessed online dating queen having dated over 250 men in the UK and the US, Camelia remains single to conduct thorough research on what men and women want from their perfect date.

Camelia is available for press comments relating to image, style, personal and professional etiquette and dating. She comments regularly for national and local publications.

Tel: 02088 198 768 / www.thedivineimage.co.uk

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