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Since You Cannot Ignore the Positive Effects of Gifting!

Press Release: February 03, 2017

A Phenomenally Wide Selection of Corporate Gifting Solutions Await you at the 15th Exhibition on Gifting Industry & Promotional Solutions 2017.

Giveaways and businesses go hand-in-hand. Gifts are not just for occasions; in the corporate world gift are a great way to maintain cordial relationships with your customers, retailers and other business professionals. Gifts are important to nurture relationships and also as a non-verbal sign of encouraging business as well as a way of saying thanks. Gifting is a way of bridging gaps, in a way reinforces your brand, gives you an opportunity to keep in touch, provides you the opportunity to discuss ongoing as well as future business prospects and last but not the least; whether you are gifting your own employees, potential business owners, vendors or manufacturers, a thoughtful gift sets you and your business apart from your completion in the market. Available in a variety of options, corporate gifting has become a common tool for communication as well as marketing.

Gifts for the corporate world comes in all shapes and sizes; from customised pens, calendars, coffee mugs to all inclusive holiday packages to exotic destinations. Effective usage of such gifts helps break ice as well as make the receiving party feel valued. Also, we have come along way from the time corporate gifts were merely seen as mementos to serve as displays. Today giving away unique gifts with sentiments of trust and mutual respect have become a trend.

Make your way to the 15th Exhibition on Gifting Industry & Promotional Solutions 2017 and choose from the myriad of corporate gifting options. It is the ultimate destination for every possible gifting solution: gift items, souvenirs, premiums, novelties, mementos, and keepsakes and a one-stop rendezvous for corporates, business professionals and retailers in India.

This year, the show will highlight distinct product categories in the Gifts Industry through six associated shows: Corporate Gifts & Premiums, Electronics Appliances & Gadgets, Trophex, Handicrafts, Timepieces & Watches, Home D├ęcor & Houseware, Custom Branding Machinery Expo and Stationary World.

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