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'SIN-ing' students spread the word to gain members

Press Release: December 01, 2009

Word of mouth marketing is helping StudentsInNeed, the fastest-growing student brand in the UK, to grow its membership towards the one million mark just months after its launch.

Brunel University graduate Andrew Billingham, founded www.studentsinneed.com in 2008 as a unique, new and independent choice to help make students lives easier.

The eye-catching website, with its lively Pocket the Difference theme, helps young people to combat the credit crunch with exclusive online discounts of up to 20% on major retail, leisure and entertainment brands popular with students. Along with regular prize draws and offers, the site also posts part-time, seasonal and permanent jobs throughout the UK.

Andrew says students spreading the word about the benefits of StudentsInNeed membership are acting as a powerful selling tool. We are definitely seeing a marked domino-effect in terms of increased site visits from people telling their friends about us and this is causing our membership to grow exponentially month on month, he explains. And the more members we have, the more benefits we can offer them.

Numbers have been boosted further by regular emails to members on fresh discount deals and Christmas jobs with several hundred positions available in the run-up to the festive season.

Students can register for free and our rapidly-growing membership is a sign that they trust and believe in us. Eventually, we aim to have every student in the UK registered as a member, adds Andrew.

For more information, check out www.studentsinneed.com.

Notes to editors:
1: Discounts are exclusive to StudentsInNeed and not available to any other type of student discount card; this is what makes SIN unique. The 20-plus top brands include Borders Books, AllPosters.co.uk (the worlds largest poster and print store), Oasis (ladies fashion), Lovefilm.com, French Connection, STA Travel and Moss Bros. Savings are unlimited, but are obviously dependent on an individuals level of spending. For example, up to £700 per year can be saved based on a typical average annual student spend of £3,500. SIN membership is open to youngsters at school, college or university and mature students or graduates are also eligible.

2: Freemium membership allows students to register for free and take advantage of some discounts. If they wish, they can upgrade to Premium annual membership for £4.95 and access the full range of discounts.

Notes to editors

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