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Simulacra Studio - Systematically Equipped Photo Studio Rental in London SW9

Press Release: February 05, 2019

As a leading photography studio of London, Simulacra Studio continues to provide learning and skill development opportunities to photographers who want to carve out a successful career in this field. After completing the year 2018 with numerous workshops and creative sessions to train photography enthusiasts, the studio is ready to cover new milestones in its journey of optimising this art for learners.

Taking pictures with a camera seems to be a child’s play today but impressive outcomes can only be produced when photographers have the right equipment and shoot in an optimum location. There is a world of difference between the casual pictures clicked with a smartphone camera and the ones taken on the floors of a furnished London photo studio rental.

Simulacra Studio rents out its premises at affordable rates for photography learning. It also helps its business clients get the most optimum results from their product photography sessions. The team guides clients and amateur photographers in both pre and post production stages. It has years of experience in the conceptualization, design, and implementation of novel, innovative, and cross-platform branded content for a variety of projects.

The availability of assorted furniture and props makes it easy to experiment with different settings and get creative results. The photographers at Simulacra Studio also help to get the most out of light modulators in every session.

Here’s what a client says about his experience with the studio, “I needed high resolution pictures for the newly launched wedding dresses by my store. The pictures taken in store environment were not giving the desired results and we needed something more professional. That’s where Simulacra Studio helped. I got the best portfolio of pictures ever for my store’s dresses and will shoot for my upcoming collection here.”

About Simulacra Studio

Founded by photographer Francois Boutemy and designer Chris Charalambous in 2006, Simulacra Studio has collaborated with numerous clients in the fashion and entertainment industry. The London based studio received a runner-up prize in the highest growth category at The Lambeth Business Awards. Through a journey spanning more than a decade, Simulacra Studio has also hosted various events at its premises. It co-founded a new design agency called Sodium Burn Creative in 2016.

Besides renting out studio space for fashion, editorial and product photography, Simulacra Studio organises regular workshops and trainings for new photographers. The students who enrol for these courses are trained on usage of different camera types, lenses, lighting modulators and editing software.

Contact Information
Address: 302-304 Barrington Road London SW9 7JJ
E-Mail: info@simulacrastudio.com
Phone: 0207 733 1979 / 07960 124 249
Website: https://www.simulacrastudio.com

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