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Simply Pound Plus calls upon Octepos to configure integrated retail EPOS system

Press Release: April 20, 2010

Launched seven months ago, Simply Pound Plus is a discount shop where customers can buy household articles, hair and body care products, food and much more. Its an interesting blend of a local shop and the hard discounter; combining local knowledge and customer service with a hard eye on keeping supply costs in check. The owner, Shahid Iqbal, assures his customer bases of selling items at budget prices they could not find lower anywhere else in North Harrow area. Shahids knowledge of what local people want and his position as a trusted member of the community give him an edge over the typical high street discount store.

Though they lack that appreciation of the local community and its needs, Shahids corporate competitors are professional concerns with lean, intelligent supply chains. Whilst confident of his local edge, Shahid felt he needed to invest in systems that would allow him to beat the big boys in the technology arena too. Since the inception of the enterprise, Shahid and his team have implemented all means to assist in the sound running of the shop; encompassing accounts, supply, arrangement of the store and customer service.

In this respect, he employed Octepos to provide Simply Pound Plus with a retail fit EPOS solution. I heard about Octepos and researched them on the internet. The EPOS company showed interesting prices for what appeared to be a high quality system, explains Shahid. Such an investment was easily justified, with EPOS systems notably a means that will help him to reduce costs caused by transaction errors or over- and under-orders.

On the starting day, the in-house build team delivered the Octepos retail EPOS system. It consisted of a comprehensive solution including integrated hardware and software. The experts first installed the equipment; two easy to use Toshiba ST-A10 terminals, cash drawers, bar-coding scanners and back-office software. The award-winning tills incorporate a wide range of features, offering easy maintenance. Furthermore, smart ergonomics ensure operators are happy using the system and can pass their skills onto new starters without need for complex training.

Indeed Shahid is impressed by the intuitive way he can customise the touch screen. With one click he is able to add or change any information about the range of articles or prices. I can modify the layout of the touch screen by myself, but also change prices, products or even add new ones in a simple way. I can scan a product, price it and sell it in moments. The data are instantly recorded and recognised from the very next product scan. In addition the scan system allows him to hold error-free accounts. It also speeds up customer check-out times and definitely enhances their satisfaction.

Every time Shahid encountered any difficulty or doubt about the EPOS system, he called the Octepos technical support. The assistance team immediately helped him in performing the task in question through remote access. During the first weeks set-up, each time I faced with an issue with my POS till, I called the Octepos support service and they provide me with a quick and active help. They are very professional and, to date, everything is working well, says Shahid.

Easy to use, the EPOS system required only minimal training, as the owner recounts, On the first day, all staff members received an explanation of the system and training on how to manage the till. It was brief because the system is really easy to use and to understand.

As regards the software installed in the terminals, it comes with retail applications for Stock Control, Accounts and Customer Loyalty modules. Shahid continues, Until now, we have only used the system as a basic cash register. We started the business six months ago. Since the launching, we have been so busy with stock supply, account management and store space planning, that we have still not explored all the features incorporated in the system.

Although these are not used on a daily base by Shahid, they could definitely help him to make deeper cost reductions still. Firstly stock control helps take stock and make the right decisions at the right time, thanks to up to the minute and accurate information. Handheld PDA enables item barcode scanning for effortless stock updates and input on the shop floor. Thereby, it reduces potential ordering errors and resulting money losses. Then Accounts and Customer modules give the opportunity to increase sales and retain customers with carefully targeted promotions and services.

Very pleased with the London EPOS provider, Shahid expresses his satisfaction and his wish to profit from the system as a whole. I made the right choice, I am very satisfied with the Octepos EPOS system indeed. Now were up and running we will be making better use of the systems full capabilities. We are expecting them to bring the business on again.

Octepos is a unique EPOS partner, integrating all payment, transaction and business services into one easy to operate system. Combining a wide range of services including EPOS, card payments, stock management, customer loyalty and globally accessible business reporting, Octepos frees customers from the burden of managing multiple suppliers by seamlessly coordinating diverse technologies on their behalf.

The Octepos system is built on sister company CES Softwares EPOS platform; a technology developed over 10 years and now found at the heart of some 30,000 businesses in the UK and overseas. Robust and flexible, our systems are supported by a dedicated team of EPOS specialists, software developers and account managers; all of whom would be delighted to speak with you and help with your questions today. Please call 0845 053 5318 or learn more about our retail EPOS systems.

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