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Simply Pawsome! New app uses virtual pets to provide the cutest way to find out the weather.

Press Release: January 26, 2021

It’s one of the first things we do every morning: grab our phones and turn to a trusted weather app. Why? We Brits, as well as loving to talk about what’s going on in the sky outside, don’t like to be caught short without an umbrella to hand or pair of sunnies in our bags. But the same old images of rainclouds or sunbursts can get a bit... dull.

That’s what award-winning, London-based creative studio Fishfinger Media thought, at any rate. And that’s why they developed Cats & Dogs, to make our daily routine of checking the weather a bit more fun. Taking their theme from the famous phrase, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’, it adds cute pets to the concept of finding out whether we’re going to be wet or dry when we walk out the door.

Firstly, you create your own virtual pet, being asked whether you prefer cats or dogs once you download the app. Then your furry friend will help show you what the weather is doing every day. You can get accurate, real-time weather forecasts, for wherever you are in the world, powered by Dark Sky, and see precise weather predictions for the next few hours, days or week. You can go beyond, with in-depth data such as sunrise and sunset times, a UV index, wind strength, chance of rain, moon phases, and much more.

But the really fun part comes from the expressions that your pet demonstrates to show you whether it’s sunny, rainy, windy, stormy, foggy or snowy outside! And, even better, you can get interactive with your pup or kit; why not mix and match their outfits to go with the weather? You can collect, unlock, and choose thousands of clothing combinations, which may also earn you treats - imagine the likes of Bark Obama in ski goggles, or Paw McCartney wearing wellingtons!

You can also complete challenges to earn rewards, as well as checking out your friends’ pets and sending them gifts.

Why a weather app?’ says Richard Salmon from Fishfinger Media. ‘Checking the weather is something we do every day, so why isn’t it fun? We wanted to create an app that would put a smile on people’s faces, and we thought even something as mundane as checking the weather should, ahem, bark joy!’

Available to download on the Apple store and at catsanddogs.app

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