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Signature Gold Strives To Supply the Best Quality Gold and Silver Plated Rose Jewelry

Press Release: August 13, 2015

Signature Gold is a UK based jewelry design company that prides itself of supplying the best quality jewelry items like gold and silver plated rose. Signature Gold understands that buying jewelry is something that puts consumers in confusion. The only way consumers can get quality gold roses UK is by seeking them from reputable and trusted jewelry designers who use the best materials and jewelry design practices.

While many jewelry retailers will not say the truth about their jewelry, Signature Gold knows that its business can only thrive when it delivers the right quality. There are many jargons and terms used in the jewelry industry to describe the quality of different plating materials like gold and silver. A vast majority of jewelry buyers may not be aware of these terms and can hardly distinguish between a quality plated rose and a poorly plated jewelry.

The thickness, pureness of the plating material, and the method of plating are some of the things that a jewelry manufacturer ought to emphasize on. The quality of the base material is also another important element. For instance, Signature Gold jewelry rose are made using natural freshly picked rose. This means that the material has to be treated properly to enhance its quality, firmness, and make it durable.

The company uses a unique process of treatment of the roses to make sure they are durable but retail the natural beauty and feel. The roses are preserved by taking them through a treatment procedure where durable lacquer shell is applied on the fresh rose in order to capture the beauty, retain its natural appearance, and make it durable.

Not only that, the plating is made of the purest precious metal like gold and silver. This company has put its customers first and does everything to make sure clients get quality products. The business of plating jewelry is one that is popular and at times, blemished by incompetent and scrupulous retailers. This is not what drives Signature Gold— but honesty design, uniqueness and creativity in design; trust in service delivery, as well as pureness and durability of its products.

The company has a creative team of technicians and artists who are dedicated in crafting some of the best antiques plated with gold and silver. Using handcrafting, all the rose jewelry products are taken through an intensive design work that takes a couple of days to complete ensuring that every detail is gotten correct. Perfectionism is embraced throughout the design process to deliver nothing but quality jewelry roses.

The plating used is made of the purest metal to ensure that it does not chip away and render your antique or jewelry useless within a short time. Signature Gold stands by its word and commitment, and that's why customers are happy of the products they purchase from this jewelry designer. In case you are seeking for gold roses UK, you may want to visit a trusted jewelry retailer shop for the best quality selection of gold and silver plated roses.

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