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Sight Enhancement Systems Launches SciPlus-3000: Third Generation Scientific Calculators for the Visually Impaired

Press Release: November 19, 2020

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(OTTAWA, CANADA NOVEMBER 17, 2020) Sight Enhancement Systems Inc., is proud to announce the launch of the SciPlus-3000 series of scientific calculators for visually impaired users. The SciPlus-3000 series adds new features to the well-loved SciPlus product family, including a larger, full color display.

SES introduced a fully graphic four-line display with our SciPlus-2000 series in 2014, which was a significant improvement over the original single-line, seven-segment display design. The new 3000 series is the logical progression of the product, with a 34% larger display with eight times the resolution, vibrant colours and 500:1 contrast.

“We’re particularly pleased with the ability to convey information in different color modes, similar to the way desktop video magnifiers enhance viewability. This, together with incredibly good contrast, makes the SciPlus-3000 an ideal device for visually impaired math, science, and engineering students”, said Irene Hilkes, Director of Operations. Ms Hilkes continued, “There are many simple, talking, four-function calculators with large buttons, but this is the only fully-featured scientific calculator. Similarly, there are talking scientific calculators for people who are totally blind, but they are very frustrating for people who are partially sighted because of their small keys and tiny display. The SciPlus-3000 is uniquely designed for partially sighted users”.


Three models exist, all available in blue or grey:

  • SciPlus-3200 provides large tactile keys, and a complete set of scientific operations
  • SciPlus-3300 provides multi-language speech output (currently English, Spanish and French), and the ability to enter and evaluate mathematical functions
  • SciPlus-3500 includes all of these features, plus graphing capability.


Pricing: The company expects the SciPlus-3000 series to be shipping in December. We have not adjusted our prices in two years, in spite of component costs increasing. Neverthelss, pricing for direct customer sales via our website will not increase significantly over the current 2000 series. Our network of authorized distributors sets local pricing based on various factors such as local currency and shipping costs.


About Sight Enhancement Systems

Since 2005 SES has been developing innovative products for the visually impaired, including desktop cameras, portable lighting, and its SciPlus series of scientific electronic calculators. SES’ products are available online in North America, and worldwide through its network of authorized distributors.


Contact us via the “Contact” page at www.sightenhancement.com.


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