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Shubhavivah Launches Indian Matrimony Website to Accommodate Indian People To Find Their Beloved One

Press Release: August 16, 2019

Finding a marriage partner and preparing a marriage is a complicated matter for Indian men and women. Shubhavivah is developed to help all Indian people who want to find the best marriage partner.

Marriage is a complex thing in India. Both of them have to prepare everything including their psychological preparedness. It takes time and energy for the best candidate to marry who can be a great couple. Shubhavivah understands how complicated Indian Matrimony is and this service is about to help couples who want to find an eternal close mate.

In order to help Indian members who want to prepare a marriage party, Shubhavivah launches a matrimonial website. This website is designed as a portal for any Indian members who want to step into marriage. The service works by using a database of both bride and groom profiles. All of the eligible members who are joining this service will have a membership. Later, they can contact each other to know whether a specific member meets their expectations or not. If any member wants to see other members profile, he can request in 3 phases, in the first phase he/she should request for the patrika, in the second phase, he/she should request for the skype or email id, in the final phase he/she should request the residential address and mobile number. All these phases require give and take of 3 different passwords which change after every 24 hours. In this way the member sharing information knows what he/she is sharing, with whom he/she is sharing, and also the sharing is expiring after 24 hours, keeping the sharing member safe from leaking any information further. It is advisable to share patrika first, then the skype or email and finally the residential address. When two members are satisfied with each other and both of them decided to continue the relationship, the members can then communicate intensively thereafter. After intensive communication, both of them can meet each other to talk about anything, including marriage.

Shubhavivah wants to help Indian men and women to get the best couple for the rest of their life. To make the process easier, the website is designed with search tools. The function of the tools is to give filter and narrow the options and results. A member can also include specific criteria or character to specify their option. A member can find his or her mate based on the job profile, age, location, and many more so they can make sure that they are choosing the best one. Shubhavivah expects that this portal can help Indian people to find their eternal love that share life in burdens and pleasure. The highest achievement is to make both of them life happier for the rest of their life. The point is that the couple doesn’t regret their option.

The achievement of the service is to help a eligible members to get married. Shubhavivah knows that preparing India marriage party is a complicated matter. Because of that, the service is not only facilitating members to find their bride and groom but also preparing for the marriage party. The members who have decided to marry can talk about this service with Shubhavivah. The point is that Shubhavivah wants to make arranged marriage relationship simpler than before and the couple can live happily ever after because of their own decision.

About Shubhavivah:

Shubhavivah is a service that focuses on helping Indian men and women to find their beloved one. The achievement of this service is to help a new members to get married and prepare for the marriage party well. The service launches a website that facilitates Indian men and women to communicate with each other before deciding to marry.

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