Home Shoppers now have the group power through ComeLetsBuy.com to shop online for huge discounts

Shoppers now have the group power through ComeLetsBuy.com to shop online for huge discounts

Press Release: February 10, 2010

LONDON February 9th, 2010 called The Collective Shopping Platform, ComeLetsBuy.com is launching a platform that help shoppers to get together in groups to get bulk discounts, promoting a reversed-bidding system where suppliers compete for a group of buyers and whoever has the best price wins.

The idea is pretty simple:

Say you want to buy a particular item but want to pay less than what youre seeing on the web. You simply join groups of other shoppers who would also like to buy the same item and together ask for lower prices. Suppliers seeing big groups as an opportunity to sell large quantities at once will gladly give discounts they wouldnt be able to otherwise.

Through the website buyers are able to call friends and family and get them into those bargains too so all can enjoy the low prices. The more people are there in a lot, the cheaper items will get. But the beauty of the system is that buyers can join complete strangers and help each other grab excellent deals, even if they have never even met before.

Nearly anything can be bought at a group discount

ComeLetsBuy is featuring deals on Electronic Goods, Household Appliances, Software, Kitchen, Bathroom, Toys, Travels with reputable suppliers such as MicroAnvika, Creda Showers and Home and Cook:

- £104 off on Creda electric shower
- 50% off on Jamie Oliver Tefal gadget set
- £30 off on X120 Samsung laptop
- 30% off on iPhone Speakers

We are expecting people to go ahead and create their own Lots too, telling us and the suppliers what do they want and how much they want to pay, says CEO and Founder, Mac Karlekar. If people join in groups were sure theyll get nearly any deal they want.

ComeLetsBuy is in partnership with Moneybookers, a payment solution that guarantees an extremely safe payment and refund process. There is absolutely no risk of anyone losing money if a Lot ends up not closing the deal. Moneybookers is also granting to all users £5 cash back on their first transactions using eWallet, which is a secure and easy way of exchanging money online.

About ComeLetsBuy

ComeLetsBuy is a Collective Shopping Platform. Using the power of collective, shoppers from the United Kingdom join together in groups of the same shopping interests to get bulk discounts.

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