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Shoot your Headshot at Exceptional London Photo Studio

Press Release: January 15, 2016

Shoot your headshot for acting, performance or CV at Simulacra Studio with renowned headshot and fashion photographer Francois Boutemy.

Simulacra Studio, London is becoming well known as a creative, well equipped, well staffed and affordable photo studio for hire, available for all kinds of photography. Headshot photography is a particular area of specialisation, with portraiture being a specific talent of in house photographer www.francoisboutemy.com

If you need headshot photography in London for acting, performance, or online CV Simulacra Studio offers packages which include different lighting set up's and changes of costume, in both colour and black & white.

Your headshot shoot will take place in Studio One, please see the Google Tour of the studio:

You'll have the use of their deluxe make up room:

You are also welcome to bring a chaperone who can be in the studio throughout if you wish.

A good headshot is vital for the online world, promotion, CV and of course for the performing arts.

Francois Boutemy is a highly accomplished fashion photographer with a perfect understanding if industry requirements and lighting techniques for performance and more.
Of course, as a client you also have an influence on the kind of shoot result you want from classic to contemporary and everything in between, hence the reason for a minimum of 2 lighting and costume changes within the shoot.

There's also no need to be limited by very simplistic set up's , if you have a particular concept you'd like to create from extreme make up and costume to use of lavish props and sets, anything is possible in the studio.
As well as accomplished photography Simulacra Studio works extensively with re toucher's and even designers for more involved projects and shoots.

There is literally no limit so come and discuss your creative ideas with the studio team, there is an experienced prop and set builder on board and a designated build warehouse on site.

Feel free to contact the studio with a mood board or Pinterest of your ideas, which can often be easier to describe your inspiration rather than wording it in an email.

Take a look on the portrait gallery at www.francoisboutemy.com to see past Headshots shot at Simulacra Studio and contact:
francois@simulacrastudio.com for a full description of the services on offer.
Mobile : 07960 124 249

We look forward to hearing from you soon for your personal or industry headshot.

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