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Shockingly 80% parents are over feeding children – educogym Canary Wharf explain the perfect portions

Press Release: November 07, 2017

Parents are unknowingly overfeeding their children with adult size portions in the UK. educogym canary Wharf explain how to control your child’s portions

The average 1-4-year-old should be having a certain portion size, as well as a varied diet to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need to grow healthily. New statistics reveal the over 70% of parents are unknowingly over feeding their children due to generous portions. A 1-4-year-old should have no more than 4-5 tablespoons of rice or pasta, or 3-4 tablespoons of mashed potato with each meal. Obesity is on the rise and more and more preschools are noticing a huge rise in infant and child obesity. “I think parents main worry is that their child gets enough food, it is a constant worry and battle of getting their child to eat enough of the right foods, and many parents complain of meal times being a war zone trying to get their child to eat their dinner, but what parents need to learn is portion size” explained Orlstyne Wilson, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

Reports also suggested that 36% of the 1000 parents surveyed use unhealthy treats and snacks to pacify their children, and only 25% were concerned with their child becoming obese in the future. Doctors were also warning parents to limit sweets to once a week, and keep an eye on foods like corn flakes and sugary cereal as well as raisins and malt bread due to the high sugar content. “It is so easy to purchase foods mistaking them to be healthy for your kids, the aisles are all labelled with low fat, lunchbox foods, with misleading labels about the nutrition, many are based per serving, so you think they are healthy, when in reality a whole bar is double the sugar your child should have in a day” explained Godfrey Nurse, educogym canary Wharf personal trainer.

So what is the solution? “Obviously it starts with education, parents need to be informed of the dangers of their children becoming obese, the health issues, and the fact they are shortening their lives, understanding what obesity can do to their child is the first step, and then secondly, teaching them a healthy balanced diet and portion control, most kids don’t finish their dinner, however most dinners are way bigger than the advised size so most parents shouldn’t worry about forcing their children to finish up the 7 tablespoons of rice on their plate. If their child is slowly gaining weight, there is nothing to worry about” summed up by Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym canary Wharf.

So where can parents get this information? “Doctor surgeries, walk in centres, children centres, even some supermarkets, and most obviously, the internet. A quick google of portion sizes and you can get all the information you need for your toddler” said Godfrey Nurse, educogym canary Wharf personal trainer “at educogym, we promote a healthy varied diet, and keeping all of our clients in their healthy body fay %, by eating real, fresh homemade foods, and organic where possible, parents should also adopt this approach to keep their children healthy”.

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