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Shocking stats reveal cancer is being caused by being overweight– educogym Canary Wharf discuss

Press Release: March 28, 2018

Being overweight is a growing cause of cancer, with smoking related cancer rates dropping, educogym explain why this is happening in such an advanced country.

Up to one third of cancers are avoidable, that’s 135000 cancers in the UK every year, whether its due to smoking, diet, UV exposure, processed meat, obesity or more. Excess weight is responsible for 6.3% of all cancers, that is an increase of almost 1% in the last 4 years. “It may not sound like much, but when you convert the percentage into numbers, we are talking thousands of people, the main three causes of preventable cancer are smoking, being over weight and UV exposure, this is upwards of 50,000 cases of cancer every year that could be stopped if people made the right healthy life choices, this would mean a much healthier population, and a lot less strain on the NHS” explained Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

Being overweight can contribute to cancer, this has been proven and is the second most common reason for preventable cancers, so why are people not taking their weight more seriously? “I think that these kind of statistics simply aren’t shared in the media enough, everyone knows about the dangers of smoking and UV damage from sunbeds and not using UV protection in the sun, as the horror stories have been shared for years, there are stop smoking campaigns, adverts and more to keep you informed, however when it comes to being over weight, there is no such thing. People simply are not aware that being over weight or obese can increase your risk of cancer, they simply think it is just unhealthy’ explained Godfrey Nurse, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

So what are the government going to do about it? “The plan is to obviously focus the attentions on campaigns, just like with the stop smoking campaigns to create awareness, but also tackling the obesity epidemic from the root of the problem, education, teaching children from a young age, as well as their parents, and a huge focus is to ban junk food adverts before the watershed at 9pm. This stops children and adults viewing processed junk on TV all day, and focusing on eating healthy” explained Mica Smith, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

Millennials are set to be the fattest yet, with over half overweight and obese by 30, these are those born between the 1980’s and mid 1990’s, this figure is cut in half for the baby boomers. “Fast food is just so readily available these days, its quick, its cheap, it can be delivered at any time on any day, you can go and get a huge dessert that is 1000 calories, and worst of all, you have no idea what is in the food you are eating, no nutritional information, no ingredients, its no wonder this generation are set to be the biggest yet, even more evidence it is the younger people that we need to tackle first before this epidemic gets out of hand” stated Godfrey Nurse, educogym Canary Wharf personal trainer.

The facts are there, and unfortunately it is down to the individual, incentives should be available soon, but we are heading for an unhealthy, unfit and obese generation if things don’t change.

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