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Shockfest Submit to Me with Dragulaura Queen of the Vampires

Press Release: July 11, 2020

Shockfest is proud to announce “Submit to Me” with Dragulaura (Laura Meadows) Queen of the Vampires in Time Square on July 27th 2020. She is the face in the misty light, footsteps that you hear down the hall a scream that shrieks in the haunting breeze that you can never quite recall and you see Dragulaura the Vampire Queen but she’s only a dream. Just the crack of Dragulaura’s whip brings mortal men to their knees begging for more. Danger lurks if you venture into the dungeon where her majesty the Vampire Queen Dragulaura (Laura Meadows) sits on her thrown listening to the heart beat of the mansion that exists to lure the innocent to submit. She will bewitch you and snare any unsuspecting Mortal into her web of devilish delight. Out of the misty haze Dragulaura snarls and cracks her whip motioning for you to come closer. It is even told of a mortal man, Charles, that became entranced with her charms and no one knows what demise he met. Join us and ask yourself are you are strong enough to meet the Vampire Queen? More surprises await you as hell opens up a portal to the world of your nightmares.

Stay tuned for more as your very life could depend on it. Please visit the Shockfest Facebook Page and our website shockfilmfest.com for more information, times, updates and where to purchase tickets. Be there or beware the Queen of the vampires has risen. 

Notes to editors

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