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Shields Marketing Consultancy Giving back to the arts

Press Release: December 07, 2020

Shields Marketing Consultancy Giving back to the arts 


As a past musician turned marketing agency owner I wanted to do something to help the industry which has been hit so very hard by the terrible Coronavirus situation. More so than any other industry, live music and the arts have been left in a position where there is little they can do to improve their situation. 


As a marketing training provider, I wanted to create a course that could help retrain them with a new skill, one that is completely transferable no matter how they chose to use it. And to do it completely free of charge to musicians. So I came up with the Massive Marketing Mindset course to give them all the tools, no matter their experience to become marketing specialists. 

The course launches online on December 7th and hopes to help those struggling with earning an income during the current crisis. It covers everything a digital marketer needs to know to become a freelance marketing executive. To provide services for businesses who want to take their offering online. Teaching them how to grow business using social media, google, search engine optimisation and most of all giving them the marketing mindset they need to approach any situation with the right thought process and ideas to make a successful marketing campaign for any brand, business, or enterprise. 


As an ex-musician myself of UK underground band Subversion, I know how hard it can be to just be a musician, let alone to earn any money from it, so those who do rely on live music as an income must be very hard hit at the moment and I just want to offer them a lifeline so they can use these tools now until their back doing their first love, but they will also then be able to use these skills to help their musical endeavors as well. I just think it’s win-win for everyone. 


If there are people out there who are struggling musicians, they just need to visit my website and contact me directly to get access to the course, spaces are limited to the first 50 who sign up, but if this is really successful I will hope to extend this further. 


Find out more at my website www.shieldsmarketing.expert 


Best regards

James Shields


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