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Shekie Ab and Ad Boyz are Collaborating for New Single

Press Release: September 12, 2015

Agreement has been made, contact has been signed, both Shekie Ab and Ad Boyz are currently on their way to produce new collaborative single, Oh Kudiye Batana.

London, UK - Good news coming from the Mom Music Pvt. Ltd announcing the coming of new single from the famous Shekie Ab. The single which will be titled as Oh Kudiye Batana will be launched and released for worldwide market upon the event of Diwali 2015. Oh Kudiye Batana is a product of collaborations between the Shekie Ab - to which in this project is taking a part as the singer doubled as the composer – and the well-known AD Boyz Mom Music. The teaser has been released and the market does really excited about the coming of Shekie Ab to the music industry with his new masterpiece.

Shekie Ab is well notably for his very debut album entitled “2 Sides to O.N.E Coin”. Since the first time it introduced to the public, the album itself receives positive responses. This can be seen from the escalated number of sales the album had made on it’s first week of release. And aside of that, Shekie Ab is also known to be one of the stars appeared in the famous music video by Jinx, “Gal Sun”. had has been acknowledged widely as a multi-talented person with his amazing contributions as both singer and lyricist. His live performances and concerts are always gaining success with all tickets sold out. Many people love him because of his beautiful voice, amazing lyrics, and also energetic dancing, which make him to be one of the best entertainers in the industry.

Back to the project, until now AD Boyz and Shekie Ab both stated that they are working on the single together. In fact, Shekie Ab vocals have been recorded by the end of August. The recording itself was done in the famous studio in London, Soho Sonic Studios. While Dee AD Boyz and Shekie had done the recording in previous days, in other hand Addy AD Boyz is planned to do his part in the near future.

With all the hype and excitements all the fans and market has toward the new collaborated single, many people do contributed in keeping it as a buzz especially in online social media. And to fill the people’s thirst and curiousness on the project, Shekie Ab and AD Boyz had shared and posted the teaser pictures as well as glimpse video of their latest jamming session. It is undeniable that fans are liking and commenting to it almost immediately.

So, with the collaboration is already on progress, how it happened? And both AD Boyz and Shekie Ab said that they will tell the whole story about how they end up working on the project together during the interview on their single release.

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