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SheerID Extends Identity Marketing Platform Support in 13 European Countries - Adds office in the U.K.

Press Release: January 29, 2021

SheerID, the global leader in identity marketing, today announced expanded coverage in 13 European countries allowing brands to now reward 270 million consumers with gated, personalised offers based on their status as students, teachers (secondary school, college, and university), health workers, seniors and employment. The company’s international expansion includes the opening of a new office in the UK, with continued expansion planned for 2021. 

The SheerID Identity Marketing Platform gives brands a powerful way to engage and reward high-value consumer tribes to drive customer acquisition, improve marketing performance, and build nurture and loyalty programs—all while upholding the highest privacy standards to build consumer trust. Personalised offers create positive associations with a brand that deliver big on return-on-ad-spend (ROAS) by enhancing word-of-mouth and social sharing.

"SheerID enabled us to highly enhance student engagement through a robust and comprehensive omnichannel campaign in the US and across Europe and allowed us to verify 18,000 students instantly and securely in just 2 months as well as increase the number of students using our discount code by 50%,” said Pauline Deschamps, Content Manager of Backmarket. “It also provided us with the data needed to nurture their loyalty and boost our customer lifetime value, while reducing discount abuse by 22%.“

SheerID’s customers include hundreds of B2C brands around the world in retail, telecommunications, streaming media, internet services, software, and hospitality—including many companies headquartered or operating in Europe, such as ASOS, Backmarket, Deezer, SoundCloud, and Spotify. To better support customers, partners and sales, the company dedicated a portion of its latest (2019) funding round toward growth in the region. With this expansion, the company has extended in-country support to UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Italy, allowing brands to provide more localised experiences in the consumer’s language, delivered through white-label, in-brand website verification forms as well as email and SMS re-engagement tools. 

“Brands all over the world are looking for more impactful ways to connect with communities and build meaningful customer relationships,” said Jake Weatherly, CEO of SheerID. “That’s why we’re excited to invest in our local European presence and bring the SheerID platform to even more customers throughout Europe.” 

A more secure, private and effective platform for personalisation
Research shows that consumers today are looking for brand support, particularly among populations most affected by the pandemic, such as health workers, students and educators; and they appreciate brands that provide personalised offers to these groups. But traditional marketing techniques that rely on social targeting or acquiring segmented customer lists are invasive, at risk of violating privacy regulations, and typically produce low returns. Furthermore brands that create offers for specific groups and rely on internal staff to check submitted documents, like student ID cards or pay stubs, find that approach to be time-consuming, costly in resources, and subject to fraud rates in the range of 30-35%. 

With SheerID, brands identify and acquire consumer tribes using personalised offers gated by digital verification based on SheerID’s 9000 authoritative, global data sources. Instead of solely using a university email address for verification (which is subject to fraud and retention long after ending student status), SheerID also taps data from authoritative data sources like admissions offices for students and verifies nurses and doctors from official regulators and national bodies.  

Unlike 3rd party affiliate providers, SheerID never retains, shares, or sells customer data. With SheerID, brands retain all of the valuable zero-party data that customers choose to share in order to access the offers, and the solution is embedded into a brand’s ecommerce flow to provide a simple, in-brand customer experience and optimise conversion. 

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