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SharePoint Consulting Services Experts, UK Quick Answers to SharePoint Development Queries

Press Release: May 04, 2018

TatvaSoft UK as a renowned Software Development Company has a reputation of tailoring and delivering the web applications and mobile apps for various purposes. Although there are a lot of platforms and technologies that development team works on, SharePoint lays to the core. So far, the company has tailored SharePoint solutions for multiple domains and businesses of various sizes. Recently company revealed its expertise and proficiency over SharePoint IT Consulting.

TatvaSoft has been offering the SharePoint since more than a decade to all the business in various areas and outskirts of United Kingdom and around the world. The industrial stretch served so far includes, mining, airways, hospitality, oil and gas, recruitment, automotive, healthcare, and much more B2B and B2C markets.

With more than 80% of Fortune 500 companies using SharePoint solutions for their purposes, the SharePoint consultants came across few of the common questions by the end clients while consultation. Apart from pros and cons, information of the company, number of team members of SharePoint, and showcasing the portfolios worked upon, the spokesperson connected to the consultant to know more.

In conversation with SharePoint Consultant, he put light on few of the commonly asked queries by clients seeking to develop their solutions in SharePoint or Office 365 -

1. Would development platform be on SharePoint Version on-premise (2013/2016) or SharePoint Online Version?

- Experience in the Custom development and OOTB SharePoint feature on SharePoint on-premise (2013/2016) or SharePoint Online version

2. Does client want responsive design UI (i.e. Mobile Compatible)?

- Developed multiple application with responsive design UI (i.e. Mobile Compatible) in SharePoint on-premises (2013/2016) or SharePoint Online using device channel manager or Bootstrap or CSS3. We have experience on Power Apps in Office 365.

3. Would it be intranet, internet and/or extranet application?

- Experience of intranet/internet/extranet application development in SharePoint on-premise (2010/2013/2016) or SharePoint Online Version. We have experience App Model development in SharePoint on-premise (2010/2013/2016).

4. Would functionality be extended to existing site or development of the new site?

- Developed the new site as per client requirement and extend functionality on the existing site or bugs fixes on the developed application as per Microsoft standards.

5. If SharePoint on-premise version then would installation and configuration being part of scope?

- Experience in installation and configuration of SharePoint (2010/2013/2016) Farm as per Microsoft Best practices. We have experience Health check and remediation of SharePoint Farm issues.

6. If the client requires installation and configuration then would it be 3-tier/2-iter/1-tier architecture require to set up?

- Expertise on design/setup 3-tier (i.e. 1 WFE, 1 Application and 1 DB Server), 2-tier (1 WFE and 1 DB Server) and 1-tier (1 WFE along with SQL Server) SharePoint Farm architecture as per client requirement.

There are more even but that is more focused on the particular business needs. So in that context, the consultant deep dive into the purpose and aspects of the needs and then into the questions and counter questionnaires, the consultant helps to make out the clarity related to what is profitable to you.

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