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Shantanu Gupta is making big on Social Media by creating Augmented Reality filters on Instagram

Press Release: June 18, 2020

Augmented Reality creator Shantanu Gupta popularly known as Shaaan ar has dominated the Instagram platform by creating breathtaking Instagram filters.


Instagram platform is flooded with extraordinary content creators,creating content which are constantly adding value to people's lives.In this digital world,everybody is going virtual and digitally creating content, the battle of becoming successful in the era of digital world is incredibly difficult yet worth it.There are some content creators, who know how to entertain the audience and create mass attention,one of the creator is Shantanu Gupta.

He creates breathtaking Augmented Reality filters to give his audience a virtual camera experience into the live environment. Some of his filters went viral,which has fetched to over 20 thousand fans following his Instagram account.

Shantanu Gupta has managed to build a social media following from a very young age and he exactly knows how to keep his fans entertained.

The creator has also participated in some of the Augmented Reality projects in which hundreds of creators posted a unique filter to thank covid warriors who are constantly fighting the global pandemic. He is also collaborating with brands and celebrities.

Shaaan ar is currently on a project with DJ Shaan Singh,who is also known as Shaanmusic. The filter would be based on his new release "Paradise" which would be out on 19th July 2020.

Instagram: One of the best social media platforms for hard working content creators.
Shantanu believes that Instagram is a quite one of the best social media platforms for gaining huge exposure,but he always makes sure that his creations are unique and innovative, and most importantly loved by his fans at all times. Creating Instagram Augmented Reality filters is not a piece of cake,it requires high creativity,skills.

Shaaan ar's Journey to Instagram Augmented Reality filters.
He started his journey by posting his guitar covers on the platform,however with time he decide to make visual edits and change content strategy. Finally creating Instagram AR filters dominated his engagement on the platform.

An outlook to the future.
Instagram has a great future in Augmented Reality as the feature is in high demand for most of the brands. For Shantanu this is just the start and he would be collaborating with more brands over time.

The idea which Shaaan ar produces in his Instagram filters are totally "out of the box" which is attracting small and huge Influencers around the world. His creativity and ideas are something we all should see on his Instagram account @shaaan.ar



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