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SGCookingLessons ready to take the Halal food scene by storm

Press Release: September 05, 2016

SGCookingLessons has announced today the official launch of their cooking and baking lessons. Their website which was launched just recently in June, has quickly gained traction in a few short weeks, having received a steady inflow of queries since its inception.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to reach out to the greater community, especially those who are interesting in learning the finer arts of Halal culinary,” says Isaac Gideon, president and co-founder of SGCookingLessons. “We seek to constantly improve ourselves on what we can offer and look forward to bringing in a series of exciting lessons conducted in a fun, interactive and stress-free environment.”

Primarily serving the Muslim community, the firm’s core business centers around conducting of both Halal cooking and baking classes for food enthusiasts. The idea was borne from the recognition of the dearth of Halal food and bakery lessons scene in the country. It was difficult for keen learners to seek accredited Halal chefs for their wisdom and expertise in this field, and many food enthusiasts were denied the chance to undergo proper training and guidance in coming up with creative Halal delicacies.

With this new venture, SGCookingLessons aims to provide the necessary infrastructure to close the current gap between the lessons the public demands and what is offered in the Singapore culinary scene.

To learn more about the variety of menus, programs or classes, contact Yi Tian at (+65) 8501 2911, or email [email protected] or visit the website http://www.sgcookinglessons.com for more information.

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