Press Release: March 12, 2020

New Your 9th of March 2020: Commission on the Status of Women 64 on 9th-12th of March 2020, at United Nations Headquarters in New York call all Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

The SGBF (Saudi Green Building Forum) with its delegation mission to the Commission on the Status of Women 64 titled "ENERGIZING ONE PLANET ON SUSTAINABLE PATHWAYS" appreciates what the UN member states and leaders have taken towards identifying specific means to address the gaps and challenges mentioned in nine core tasks that include eliminating all discriminatory laws; breaking structural barriers  Discriminatory social norms and gender stereotypes including in the media; reconciling commitments to gender equality and adequate funding; strengthening governmental and non-governmental institutions to promote gender equality; harnessing the potential of technology  Jia and innovation to improve the lives of women and girls and families less fortunate; access and the provision of quality and spatial statistics from the social aspect, analysis and use on a regular basis; and the strengthening of international cooperation for the implementation of commitments to gender equality.

“Women, youth and citizens cross cutting issues on Sustainable Development Goals” Faisal ALFADL, Chairman Representative to UN “Our role is the honest voice of bridging the gap” ALFADL added “We value the commitment taking by Member States at CSW 64 that fully agreed that climate change and natural disasters challengers and addressing gaps that hold women back and disproportionate is a new frontier not only archiving sustainable development goals but protecting the advancement of humankind behind 2030”

The SGBF’s delegats Mr Ahmed Al-Bader, Ms Suhair AlHarthi,  Maha Al-Ateeki Ph.D , Ms. Hope Wilson, Ms. Zainab Ahmed Alabdrabalnabi and Ms. Alsemah AlShaib sought the opportunity as members of the professional saaf®️ system to voice the commitment to the realistic and tangible tracks of "the future now and after 2030" to achieve the goals of sustainable development in a clear way also we call for more mechanisms of civil society contributions and volunteers to achieve this

  • Realizing the right to education for all women and girls, with attention to areas where they are underrepresented such as STEM;

  • Ensuring full, equal and meaningful participation, representation and leadership of women at all levels and in all spheres of society;

  • Ensuring women's economic empowerment, for instance, access to decent work, equal pay, provision of social security and access to finance;

  • Tackling the disproportionate share of unpaid care and domestic work of women and girls;

  • Addressing the disproportionate effect of climate change and natural disasters on women and girls;

  • Ending all forms of violence and harmful practices against all women and girls;

  • Protecting women and girls in armed conflict and ensuring women’s participation in peace processes and mediation;

  • Realizing the right to health for women and girls, with emphasis on universal health coverage; and

  • Addressing hunger and malnutrition among women and girls.


About SAUDI GREEN BUILDING FORUM (“SGBF”) A professional member-based association for Patriotic Purpose; a Non-Governmental Organization in Consultative Special Status with Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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