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Sex OClock 28% Of Men Think About Sex 288 Times A Day

Press Release: March 30, 2010

In one of the largest studies to date, more than 21,000 members of the free online dating website, Smooch.com were asked how often they thought about sex. Whilst 28% of men allowed their minds to wander every 5 minutes, only 8% of women had such active imaginations.

An additional 28% of men admitted to sexual thoughts every hour compared to just 13% of women; this means not only are men 3 times more likely than women to think about sex every 5 minutes, but twice as likely to think about it every hour.

However, whilst 92% of men think about sex on a daily basis, a third of the women surveyed thought about sex far less often. 1 in 4 women think about sex once a week whilst only 3 in 50 men have such idle minds. Furthermore, 1 in 10 women succumb to temptation just once a month compared to 1 in 50 men.

Unsurprisingly, according to the statistics, as people age thoughts of a sexual nature decrease. People aged 25-30 have the most active minds with 25% of members in that age group admitting to sexual thoughts every 5 minutes, whilst 43% of those aged 61+ thought about sex every few hours.

Smooch surveys are extremely detailed, incorporating information about the respondents as detailed as height, weight and education, allowing us to uncover the following unusual facts:

* Sex and marriage do not go hand in hand, only 14% of those in search of marriage thought about sex every hour.
* People with the star sign Aries were the most likely (26%) to think about sex every 5 minutes whilst Gemini was the most prudish star sign.
* Kingston is the horniest city in the UK with 45% of the inhabitants thinking about sex every 5 minutes. In contrast, the population of Redbridge rarely indulge their saucy side and are the most likely (17%) to think about sex just once a month.
* Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, but it clearly works wonders for the libido. Heavy smokers were more likely (24%) than non-smokers to think about sex every 5 minutes.
* Who says money cant buy happiness? For 31% of high wage earners happiness is just 5 minutes away, whilst those with a low range salary were the least likely to think about sex every 5 minutes.

Smooch.com polled 21,159 members over a 5 day period. Members responses remain anonymous, however, detailed statistics such as age, height, weight, build, attractiveness, hair colour, hair style, facial hair, drinking and smoking habits, education, salary and even star sign are readily available on request.

About Smooch:
Established in 2007, Smooch.com is the UKs fastest growing dating website. It has all the features of expensive dating sites but is completely free to join and to contact all members. It has 450,000 active members with around 1500 new members joining every day. Smooch.com was featured in the Times Business supplement and in The Economist in 2009.

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