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Press Release: February 16, 2010

Windsurf sails designer, Ben Severne is the man behind the products success and Quayside Windsurfers and Team QSW owner, Neil Greentree fully endorses its quality and practicality of the agreed 3-year warranty on all new sails sold after 2007.

Mr Greentree said: I believed that Severne sails make such a good quality windsurf sails I mentioned to Ben Severne over a beer that he should offer 3 year warranties on their sails.

He was so taken by the idea he said why don't Quayside Windsurfers trial the scheme here in the UK and then they will look to see whether they build it into their standard sail warranty. I was taken back but honoured to be asked.

Quayside Windsurfers hold the esteemed honour of selling the most Severne sails than any other retailer across Europe and Neil Greentree has been so impressed with their functionality the sails are being used in competitive racing.

Ben Severne added: Quayside Windsurfers sell more Severne Windsurfing sails into the UK and Europe than any other UK retailer and even have a race team who race in the UKWA slalom Windsurf series, and are the best people to both test and trial any new scheme Severne are considering.

Severne sails have 5 ranges of windsurf sails from the Severne Blade and S1 for waves, Severne Gator for all-round sailing, to the Severne NCX and Code Red for Freeride sailing and Racing. To read more about Severne sails visit www.quayside-windsurfers.co.uk for further information.

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