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Seventh book by John Vespasian published today

Press Release: October 11, 2015

“Millions of people are feeling overwhelmed by their problems,” says John Vespasian. “This is why I have written this book.”

John Vespasian's seventh book, just published today, is titled “On becoming unbreakable: How normal people become extraordinarily self-confident.”

“Since I started to write books in 2008,” explains Vespasian, “I have been gathering material on people who are extraordinarily good at dealing with adversity. I have compiled the best stories and the best advice in this book.”

The stories in the book show readers what to do when they are confronted with severe problems, even when everything seems lost.

“I particularly enjoyed writing the chapter about Buffalo Bill,” says Vespasian. “The way in which Buffalo Bill coped with his financial mistakes provides important lessons to anyone facing adversity.”

The book aims at making readers highly resistant to adversity, so that they can move on with their lives despite obstacles and setbacks.

“The most difficult part of writing the book,” explains Vespasian, “has been to leave out anything that is not practical. I wanted to provide only practical advice that can be immediately used.”

John Vespasian's seventh book is available in AMAZON and KINDLE as of today.

For further information, journalists can contact John Vespasian at johnvespasian@yahoo.com

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