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Servers and Security Services Launched at Brandezk Including Website Management, Ecommerce Hosting, DDos Protection

Press Release: July 17, 2020

New York, USA, 17th July 2020 - Brandezk, a renowned web development agency in the USA, has introduced servers and security services to prevent the risks associated with security breaches and system failures to ensure a safer customer experience for their clientele.

Since its inception, Brandezk has advocated safety and security in the digital realm, and through its stringent protocols, it has ascertained that digital security is not compromised one bit. Considering the increasing cybercrimes in the digital realm, the agency has again stepped up to prove its mettle.

CEO of Brandezk explained the reason behind the introduction of server and security services, stating, "Criminals are always hunting to exploit any vulnerabilities they can find. The implementation of these services will ensure the safety of users' data and prevent websites from viruses, and possible thefts. While we have assured, this doesn't occur with our businesses, taking every precaution is a necessity in today's era. It is for this purpose, we have launched an improved version of security services for website development, and in my opinion, it is of no harm to be a step ahead than the criminals."

Shelly Simpson, Creative Head at Brandezk, recapitulated the intention behind the introduction of Servers and Security Services, stating, "Hackers breach websites all the time. The incorporation of secure website management will significantly reduce the risks of being hacked, as it protects the site with encryption that keeps changing almost every day. We want to keep our customers and their data safe. By implementing robust security protocol when developing websites, we are able to offer our clients secure platforms to continue their businesses without any hassles."

Quoting figures vis-à-vis the launch of the service, the sales lead added, "With the introduction of these services, the agency has witnessed an increase in orders. While 11.7% of existing customers contacted Brandezk again, a 3.3% increase was seen from new customers – leading to a boost in the lifetime of each customer".
Along with the service package information, the official website of the company also represents information regarding the increased security protocols and their functionality.

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Brandezk is a web development and digital marketing agency in the United States. It is home to the industry's top vetted front-end and back-end developers. The agency has served several different brands since its inception. From the creation of mobile applications to videos, website designing to branding, search engine optimized content to complete digital marketing – Brandezk guarantees result-driven solutions to its customers.

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