Press Release: June 09, 2016

Yahoocontactnumber.co.uk, 31/5/2016 – One more successful seminar held at Yahoocontactnumber.co.uk. Headed by top level yahoo manager of the company it was a seminar organized for all yahoo users and it was about the yahoo and its use.
He started saying that yahoo is an ultimate platform. People from all around the world use its multiple services. Out of its various services like Yahoo finance, sports, news, games etc the most used service is yahoo mail service. Though yahoo takes care for its users and provides best security measures for best online yahoo experience still sometimes users are in some or the other yahoo problems. So as to avoid this problems yahoo suggest to keep all these things in mind:
1. Always use yahoo on https for extra security.
2. Always keep your password secured because password is a key to your yahoo account.
3. Always include alternative email address or phone number so that account can be recovered in times of lost yahoo account access.
4. Always use yahoo on secured and virus free platform.
5. Always logout your account if you are using your account on shared or public servers.
6. In case of problem immediately call the yahoo helpline number of Yahoocontactnumber.co.uk so that further problems can be avoided.

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