Press Release: July 10, 2020

Money in The Bank in 7 Days

Hayward, CA, July 03 – Negotiating the real-estate sector is not easy, especially when there is a house to sell. At these times, a company like Mr. Fast Cash Buyer smoothens the process and puts money in the bank earlier than expected.

Most importantly, the transaction is completed in 4 simple steps. A seller in Hayward, CA, and other areas too, have to call Mr. Fast Cash Buyer and give details about the property. The company will consider whether it meets their buying criteria. Once settled, executives will visit the property for an inspection. A fair and written no-obligation offer is presented to the seller and on acceptance, the deal is closed at a local and reputed title company. Within 7 days, the money is in the Bank.

The deal is closed at the convenience of the client who might even want to vacate the house at a later date.

Mr. Fast Cash Buyer is not a real-estate company that usually lists a property and waits for buyers before closing the deal with the seller. Instead, they buy the property and pay cash for it. It is therefore a quick transaction without any fees and commission, unlike an agent. Sellers do not have to worry about heavy overheads of selling and extra costs.

What makes Mr. Fast Cash Buyer different from those engaged in this sector is that they buy a house in the condition it is in. Sellers do not have to renovate the house, make repairs, or even clean up the property to make it ready for a sale. Mr. Fast Cash Buyer will buy a house regardless of the condition it is in.

This type of fair cash deal offered by the company is especially useful for those who are saddled with an unwanted property and would like to get it off their hands without a prolonged waiting period.

There are other possibilities too. People often have to relocate quickly and do not have the time to leisurely find a buyer. Facing a divorce, behind on mortgage payments, liens, or even unwanted inheritances are reasons why people look to quickly dispose off their house. Mr. Fast Cash Buyer will take the property off your hands in all these cases, even if there are tenants, bad rentals, or it is fire-damaged.

To start the selling process, visit the website of Mr. Fast Cash Buyer and fill up a form. The company will get back within 24 hours with a fair all-cash offer on the house. No waiting, no commissions, and no overheads!

For more details visit https://www.mrfastcashbuyer.com/

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