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Security Awareness Training Guarantee Announced

Press Release: March 21, 2016

Infosec Cloud has launched a unique 60 day money back guarantee for new Security Awareness Training and Testing customers. The company is 100% confident that their service significantly reduces the risk of organisations becoming victims of phishing attacks.

The guarantee states:

“If we do not reduce your employees’ susceptibility to phishing attacks within 60 days then we will refund 100% of your investment.”

The Security Awareness Training and Testing service starts with a company-wide baseline Phishing Security Test which measures the percentage of end users that are Phish-prone. The next step is to provide all employees with Security Awareness Training. This is delivered at the desktop and can be started and paused as required by the user. Infosec Cloud tracks who has completed the training.

After the initial company-wide training, Infosec Cloud’s highly effective monthly Phishing Security Tests keep employees on their toes. Employees who fall for the attacks receive instant remedial online training.

End Users understand the mechanisms of:

✓ Spam
✓ Spear Phishing
✓ Pop ups
✓ Malware
✓ Social engineering
✓ Phishing
✓ Website Security
✓ Adverts
✓ Ransomware
✓ Physical security

Pete Sherwood, MD, Infosec Cloud commented: “We decided to launch this unique guarantee after reviewing the results from our existing customers’ accounts. We are consistently achieving significant reductions in the level of our customers’ end users’ phish-prone levels. Our service certainly seems to be working.”

The company’s web-based interactive security awareness training is combined with frequent simulated phishing attacks, live demonstration videos and short tests. The service is proven to ensure employees remain vigilant and informed.

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