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Secure yourself and your studio today with Tattoo Insure

Press Release: September 21, 2017

Northampton, England – 09/21/2017
Tattoo Insure have taken a step towards securing tattoo artists and tattoo studios by providing them with laser treatment Insurance. This insurance can provide cover to artists and studios for the laser tattoo removal treatments that they undertake.
With laser treatment insurance the artists and studios will be protected from the unforeseen incidents that can take place during the removal process. A large number of individuals who get themselves inked, tend to regret at later stages and therefore opt for a tattoo removal treatment. These treatments are quite useful as they can completely or partially remove the tattoo over the course of a few sessions.
This insurance is not meant for those undergoing treatment but for the tattoo artists and studios that are performing the procedure.Besides the usual purpose of laser machines to remove tattoos they are also used for other purposes such as hair removal and IPL treatment. Tattoo Insure provides customised insurance covers that can be designed to include the other procedures as well. For a tattoo studio that intends to provide these comprehensive facilities under a single roof, this insurance will provide them with the best possible cover that they can hope for.
According to the CEO of Tattoo Insure, “Many people are under the false impression that this insurance only protects the artist or studio. Even for those who are undergoing the treatment it is sigh of relief to know that the artist is insured and will therefore do his job with greater peace of mind.”
Tattoo Insure has been at the forefront of tattoo insurance industry for as long as 27 years and in this vast experience they are known to have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise. This insurance company is based in Northampton and its location is easily accessible from other parts of the country.

For more information visit their website https://www.tattooinsure.co.uk/
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