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Secure Automation Show How To Keep Homes Safer in Newcastle

Press Release: August 18, 2020

Secure Automation offer homeowners advice about keeping their property secure with the use of entry systems and automatic gates. The latest information published on their website is a guide to improving the safety of homes in the area.


Gate Manufacturing company Secure Automation have over 12 years of experience providing custom made gates from their manufacturing facility based in South Shields. Their bespoke made-to-measure gates are supplied and installed to homeowners and businesses throughout Newcastle Upon Tyne and the surrounding areas of Tyne and Wear.

Specialising in automatic gates, the company offer a wide range of security options to help keep property secure and make it convenient to enter and exit driveways or private entrances.

Why Choose Secure Automation Gates?

Installing automatic security gates provide peace of mind for homeowners while offering convenience to the people who use the property.


With automatic gates, a homeowner can open their driveway gates as they approach them by using a remote control. This offers a convenient way to drive into a property without the need to get out of the car.

2.Protecting children and pets

Automatic gates are also a great way to protect the safety of children or pets who are playing in the garden. An automatic gate is only opened when the owner activates them. So children will not be able to run out onto busy roads or get lost by leaving the property.

3. Deterring intruders

One of the major advantages of installing automatic gates on a home is secure against intruders. An imposing gate that is securely closed will make any intruder think twice.

4. Preventing burglaries

There are too many problems for a burglar to deal with if they need to navigate an automatic gate. An intruder will worry that they will get trapped within a property as they try and escape which makes it more likely that they get caught in the act.

5. stopping opportunistic crimes

Bypassing electrical systems or climbing over a security gate takes too much time for a potential thief. Most burglaries are opportunistic crimes. So if a home is harder to get into, there is more chance that a burglar will decide to move on to another target.

6. Privacy

With a high-quality gate installed on a property, homeowners create a physical barrier between a home and passers-by. If homeowners would like to keep a home from prying eyes, then a gate installation makes the perfect addition to the entrance of a home.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

Automation can be added to a wide range of gates in many styles. Homeowners can choose between high-quality wooden gates or ornate wrought iron gates.

When homeowners have a gate added to a home, it will make a property look more impressive and luxurious.

How do Automatic Gates Work With Other Security Options?

An automatic gate is superior to manual gates when it comes to security. One of the many ways that an automatic gate can make a home more secure is with the addition of access controls.

Access controls can be used to identify the person trying to enter the property. Once the person has been identified, the homeowner is able to activate the electric gate to allow them in.

The types of access controls include the following:

-Stand Alone Access Control System

The Stand-Alone Access Control System is the most cost-effective way to control who has access to a property. Access is granted when a valid code is entered and all equipment is localised to the gate.

-Discretionary Access Control

Discretionary access control (DAC) is activated when a key card or pre-determined code is given to another person by the end-user.


-PC Networked System

A PC networked system is a more complex system that works with a large number of doors and entrances. All the doors and gates of a property are monitored and communicate with each other to provide a customised form of access throughout a property.


-Mandatory Access Control

Mandatory Access Control is used within organisations that require extra security due to sensitive materials of information within.

The administrator will permit people through to some areas and restrict them from others.

-Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is one of the most common security controls for homes and businesses.

The system administrator offers privileges depending on a person's role in the property.

-Door Entry

A door entry system offers access to people who are not authorised by access controls.

The visitor will be able to press a button or make a call to request entrance to the property.

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