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Secure Automation offer extended services to Maintain Automated Driveway Gates

Press Release: August 19, 2020

To help ensure the ongoing usefulness of automated gates in Newcastle, Barriers and Gates now offers a maintenance and support service to keep electric gates from malfunctioning.

There are many reasons why automatic gates are popular with homeowners and businesses throughout Tyne and Wear.

All motorised gates must comply with the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards, gate manufacturers recommendations.

One of the important functions of an automated gat is improved security.

When a home has gate automation it makes it harder for criminals to try and gain access to the property.

This is essential for keeping out intruders who are mostly opportunistic.

If a driveway gate fails to close properly when a home or business is unoccupied, it leaves the building at risk of burglary or trespassers.

To help overcome these issues, Barriers and Gates have launched a service that provides gate repair and maintenance following installation.

This service is not limited to gates installed by Barriers and Gates but offer an additional after-sales service for customers who do.

Reasons to maintain electric driveway gates

Maintaining a driveway gate is essential to avoid costly faults and damage that needs emergency repair.

When a gate is serviced regularly, then it reduces the risk of breakdown.

Homeowners and businesses benefit from gate maintenance because it allows the property owner to:

-Stay compliant

-Reduce liabilities

-Reduce the risk of theft or intrusion

-Stay productive

-Mitigate the risk of accidents

How often should a gate be maintained?

Most electric gates will require servicing, maintenance or repair at least once every 6 months.

This ensures safety, security and extended life of the gate and its drivers.

The number of times a servicing is required will depend on how many cycles a gate performs daily.

Gates used for homes or driveways are usually low usage gates and these should usually only require servicing one to two times each year.

High usage gates which see lots of traffic passing through will often require additional maintenance. With high usage gates, servicing will be required at least 3 times per year.

Automated gates used for commercial properties often experience heave y usage throughout the day. Heavy usage gates need servicing about 4 times per year.

Why choose Barriers and Gates

Barriers and Gates have over 10 years of experience working throughout Newcastle and the surrounding areas. The service offered by Barriers and Gates provides installation and ongoing maintenance.

The reason why Barriers and Gates are the preferred experts when it comes to gate servicing is because they are experienced in preventative and responsive maintenance and repair.

A well-maintained gate is safer and works more efficiently than a gate which is kept working without maintenance.

Because the engineers at Barriers and Gates understand the details of keeping gates at peak condition, the gates that they service will comply to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Standards, gate manufacturers recommendations.

For homes and businesses to keep their property safe from intruders while always working when required, it is important to be aware of the local gate maintenance services available.


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