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SECARDEO offers auto enrollment for web servers with public and private CAs

Press Release: November 17, 2020

Ismaning, November 17, 2020 – Secardeo GmbH releases
certACME for the auto-enrollment of SSL/TLS certificates.

SECARDEO TOPKI is a modular platform for the automated distribution
of digital certificates. With the new component SECARDEO certACME,
server certificates can be requested via a central proxy. All certificates
are stored in the central TOPKI certificate database. From here they can
be efficiently managed with other tools such as SECARDEO certLife.
This ensures complete control over the certificates of an organization
and thus verifiable certificate management processes.

The certACME proxy establishes a connection to public certification authorities such as SwissSign or QuoVadis or an internal Microsoft CA
(ADCS). Many popular ACME clients for standard web servers such as
Apache, NGINX, TomCat or IIS can be supported.

“Due to the ever shorter validity periods of SSL/TLS certificates, companies are being forced to automate the certificate processes. Web
server downtimes due to expired certificates cause immense damage.
The certACME proxy increases reliability and IT security and at the
same time minimizes operating costs.”, says Dr. Gunnar Jacobson,
Managing Director of SECARDEO.

The TOPKI platform also offers further services for the auto-enrollment
of computer and user certificates as well as complete certificate lifecycle
For more information, see www.secardeo.com.


About Secardeo
Secardeo is a pioneer in the field of certificate management solutions. This allows
digital certificates and keys to be securely, automatically and trusted distributed and
managed in the company. We help our well-known customers to increase IT security,
lower costs and comply with regulations.


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