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Secardeo certMode for securely distributing user certificates to mobile devices

Press Release: February 25, 2016

Secardeo releases certMode MDM for the secure distribution of certificates and private user keys to mobile devices. certMode is a component of Secardeo‘s TOPKI platform for the automated distribution of certificates an keys to arbitrary devices to provide end-to-end encryption. A user must have access to his private key on all of his devices in order to open encrypted e-mails.
For the first time now can iPhones and iPads of a user that are managed by a Mobile Device Management (MDM) System be provided securely with his S/MIME certificates and private keys by using certMode. Due to strict requirements in the Apple MDM protocol, private key containers together with their passwords had to be stored on the MDM system which is always accessible from the Internet. This is an inacceptable security risk for an enterprise.
With a patent pending mechanism, now the keys are being transferred with the MDM protocol from a protected source to the iOS device, without an engagement of the user. It is impossible to intercept the private keys by an attacker. Distributing keys to unmanaged devices with Android or iOS is also possible. certMode MDM integrates seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures and it is compatible with leading MDM products and with a Microsoft PKI and many other CAs that may be linked with TOPKI.

Main features of certMode MDM are:
* supplies native mail apps on iOS and Androids with a user‘s digital certificates and private keys
* securely adds PKCS#12 containers to iOS device profiles managed by MDM
* pushes encrypted PKCS#12 to unmanaged devices via e-mail
* recovers keys from certEP or Windows ADCS key archive

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Secardeo is a pioneer in the field of enterprise solutions with digital signatures and certificates. With our solutions you can distribute certificates and keys securely, automated and trustworthy within your enterprise. We help our popular customers to increase IT security, lower costs and comply with regulations.

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