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Secardeo automates the distribution of user certificates to mobile devices

Press Release: March 02, 2017

Secardeo GmbH expands its software platform TOPKI for the automated distribution of certificates and private user keys to mobile devices. With certPush Mail you can transfer private keys from a central key archive simply to mobile devices using a secure e-mail based method. With the extension certPush MDM this is now also possible for devices that are being managed by a MDM system transparently for the user. By this, you can supply for example Android or Apple® iOS devices that are being managed by AirWatch® or Mobile-Iron® MDM. For high security requirements, Secardeo certMode MDM offers an end-to-end encryption for the distribution from the key archive to a mobile device. certMode is now available as a high-availability cluster which, due to the patent pending end-to-end security, can be used as a SaaS in combination with a cloud based MDM without worries. The partner certificates which are needed for encryption are retrieved from the cloud with certMode EAS using a patented procedure. A user can then perform end-to-end encryption on his mobile device without further interaction. certPush and certMode integrate seamlessly with existing IT infrastructures and they are compatible with leading MDM products as well as with a Microsoft® CA and many other CAs, that are linked with Secardeo TOPKI.
Outstanding features of certPush and certMode are:
• Usage of native S/MIME functions for digital signatures and end-to-end encryption on iOS and Android
• Provisioning of managed and unmanaged devices with digital cer-tificates and private keys of a user
• Global retrieval of S/MIME certificates in collaboration with the Se-cardeo certBox
• Access to standard key archives of a Microsoft CA and of Se-cardeo certEP
• Enables the usage of accepted certificates from public CAs like SwissSign or QuoVadis
• Compatible with state-of-the-art MDM systems

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