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Searching for a Salon Designer?

Press Release: March 25, 2010

REM uses the very latest technology to create two-dimensional plans and three-dimensional stills so that even the smallest aesthetic alterations can be made before a hammer is lifted. This effectively eliminates the need for making changes at a late stage, when considerations may have been overlooked, adding substantially to the initial costs and causing headaches all around. There are experienced designers on hand to guide you through every stage of the process and offer expert advice based on their years of experience working with professionals just like you.

You can see examples of actual designs on the REM website. The case studies on the website take you through the design process step by step and are each very different in size and layout.

Following an initial on-site consultation, the team will study your salon or proposed salon space and go over the requirements in detail, taking into account not only the look and feel of the finished product but also such mundane but important matters as the plumbing and power point placements. An initial sketch that includes such items as the number and type of units, colour scheme, style and layout will be drawn up.

This information is fed into the software, where a professional AutoCad system, Architectural Desktop, is used to produce a portfolio of recommended designs, with a price quotation, within two weeks. This portfolio is the basis for the creation of the final product, and the plan of your proposed design and a number of three-dimensional images will form the nucleus for more detailed honing of your requirements. A CD rom is included in the portfolio, containing images of all REM products.

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