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SDS Technology Launches AgriTrack

Press Release: March 24, 2010

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Tracking For Tractors

Preston, Lancashire 24th March, 2010 Preston-based hardware and software expert, the SDS Technology Group has recently added a new product to their extensive portfolio called AgiTrack - vehicle tracking for tractors. The product launch is a direct response to the increasing rate of stolen vehicles in the UK as AgriTrack will help farmers to recover their stolen tractors.

According to an article published by the Times, tractors are the largest target in Britain and gangs are making millions from stealing top-of-the range tractors and smuggling them abroad. Hundreds of tractors are stolen every year, most commonly by organised crime gangs. It is estimated that the value of stolen tractors amounts to around £17 million a year, and the tractors are often easy to steal as tractors usually have fewer anti-theft security measures than new cars. Agricultural tractors constitutes around 16% of the machinery stolen within Britain, where one of the most popular brand amongst the thieves is John Deere.

95% of machinery and equipment stolen from farms every year is never recovered, compared to a much lower 50% of cars. This accounts for a large cost for insurance companies which ultimately affects farmers as their premiums shoot through the roof. SDS Technology looks to expand their customer base as the innovative AgriTrack instantly notifies farmers should their tractors venture outside of a pre-determined perimeter or geofence area.

Managing director of SDS Technology, David Donnachie, explains: AgriTrack functions as an additional security tool should a tractor be stolen. As our solution allows farmers to pinpoint the location of a stolen tractor by means of GPS technology, the police are likely to recover it quickly and therefore saving farmers unnecessary costs.

SDS Technology provides a highly competitive alternative to existing tractor security measures as existing solutions can only identify a stolen tractor by means of scanning it with a designated scanner. AgriTrack, on the other hand, provides an immediate alert to the owner and he or she can contact the police. AgriTrack will further help with the maintenance of the tractor, such as servicing, as the system can notify the owner when regular maintenance is due.

For more information, please contact the SDS Technology Group on 0845 467 7128.

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