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Scottish innovation in treating non-melanoma skin cancer given Scottish Health Technology Group green light.

Press Release: August 26, 2015

The Scottish Health Technologies Group, part of Quality Improvement Scotland has assessed Ambulight PDT Multi1, a convenient and less painful2
ambulatory LED light source used in photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat non-melanoma skin cancers.

They concluded “the evidence presented by the manufacturer suggests that Ambulight® PDT is broadly cost neutral compared to static lamp based PDT.”

The product was developed by Scottish based firm Ambicare Health Ltd in association with Professor Ferguson from St. Andrews University, and is now widely used across the globe.

Ambulight PDT Multi means that patients don’t have to wait in the hospital for 3 hours for their light therapy. They can go home straight away. The red light switches on automatically after 3 hours and is delivered over 3 hours, not the intense and painful burst over 15 minutes that has been standard practise.

Dr Sally Ibbotson Consultant Dermatologist at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee has treated many patients with Ambulight and has found the majority of suitable patients prefer to have ambulatory PDT rather than the static lamp1.

What do patients think?

Mr William Brown from Montrose has a history of being treated for the most common form of non-melanoma skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, including surgery and traditional PDT. Having had Ambulight ambulatory PDT at Ninewells it is now his preferred treatment of choice as he found it to be less painful (VAS score 0)3, as effective and more convenient.“There was no hanging around and no pain. It was convenient, but if it had been even more local it would have been better. The results have been very satisfying.”3

Spirit Healthcare who market the product in the UK also launched the product in Australia last year where over 60 specialists are now using Ambulight.

“At Spirit we are always looking to make real differences in healthcare and this innovative treatment option offers benefits to both patients and the healthcare system without adding to costs. Ambulight is an effective, less painful PDT option that frees up resources in secondary care and can also be delivered in the community closer to people’s homes” Angelina Thorne Marketing Manager at Spirit Healthcare.

Notes to editor:
Ambulight has approved EU authorisation and is CE marked. Ambulight PDT Multi is a portable light source worn by an individual to effectively treat superficial non-melanoma skin cancer in combination with a photosensitising drug as part of a treatment called photodynamic therapy (PDT). It is suitable to treat single actinic keratosis lesions, Bowen’s disease or superficial basal cell carcinoma lesions less than 2.4cm in diameter. Ambulight PDT Multi can be delivered in any appropriate healthcare setting in the community or hospital. (Images available on request)

For more information about Spirit Healthcare visit www.spirit-healthcare.co.uk
Contact Angelina Thorne at angelinat@spirit-healthcare.co.uk or 07880 032213
1. Ibbotson, S.H. and Ferguson, J. (2012) Ambulatory photodynamic therapy using low irradiance inorganic light-emitting diodes for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer: an open study. Published October 2012 Photodermatology, Photoimmunology and Photomedicine pp235
2. http://www.healthcareimprovementscotland.org/our_work/technologies_and_medicines/shtg_imto/imto_004-2015.aspx
3. Patient Feedback Mr William Brown July 2015

Item number: SH/AMBL/1127/Aug15
Date of preparation: August 2015

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