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Scope of Clinical Research in India

Press Release: April 21, 2020

India is been always a major hub and also evolving in its own way in clinical research for past many years. Clinical research is the booming industry with a knowledge-intensive study. It is growing with an astonishing rate and opening a great employment opportunities for the candidates from the life science background. Moreover, there is a massive need for the trained professionals in this booming industry. For the candidates from the life science background it becomes a great career option for the professional growth. Basic education like completion of the graduation is the obligatory in this field. The study offers scientific analysis of the risks, impact, and benefits of drugs or a medicinal product. The trials are performed before introducing the products in the market. Furthermore, the tests are done at different stages and after-launch administration is maintained to examine the safety and monitor the side effects.

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Clinical trials refer to the record of any test article from its start point in the lab to its introduction and making availability in the market. The promising molecule is recognized in the lab and is subjected to more per-clinical studies which further helps in getting the ideas about different aspects of the test article. Clinical research is performed at academic medical centers and recognized research centers. Most of them believe that informed consent makes clinical research ethical. Though, informed consent is not adequate. Drawing on the basic philosophies there are some desires that explain systematically a logical framework for assessing the ethics of clinical research studies. According to the research study, clearly India has become one of the very preferred destination for clinical research. Statics reveals that India's clinical trial business is expected to grow about 10% of that in US by 2018, also the industry will need approximately 50,000 more clinical research professionals. India is also seen as a viable option for outsourcing. A fresher in this field usually begins work with a designation of Clinical Research Associate (CRA), earning around 3 lakh CTC. With experience one can expect more. Additionally, you are taken more seriously in the field after pursuing further studies.

The following activities are performed by people who pursue the degree as a full-time career option:

  • Participating in organic activities performed in the clinic, laboratory, and hospital.
  • Determining the appropriate quantity of drugs for the body, and their subsequent impacts.
  • Participating in the manufacturing of drugs and medicine.
  • Studying medicine and drugs management.
  • Studying disciplines such as Transplantation and Epidemiology.

Here is a list of professions which helps in understanding the promising scope of clinical research:

  • Biostatisticians
  • Clinical health professionals
  • Clinical research analyst
  • Clinical Research Associates or Coordinators
  • Clinical Research Managers
  • Health Services Managers
  • Medical Assistants

Clinical research is an upcoming and a significant subject in the field of medical science across the globe. Progressing towards finding a cure for deadly diseases, streams like clinical research will boost the way for medical sciences ahead in the upcoming years. Clinical research scope in India and globally, will define mankind’s future.

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