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Scope for solar energy on commercial levels in Canada

Press Release: February 17, 2016

It is common to see green benefits of a solar panel that it has over the smokestack. But there are still some lingering questions when it becomes essential to determine whether the solar system is economically affordable in long term in order to supply electricity to the communities of Canada.
The uptake of the solar power in Canada over the next decade simply depends on a large number of factors like:
• Financial cost
• Technological costs
• Infrastructure needs
According to the researchers everyone including the government is blissfully blind about the energy future. They say that Canada is energy rich since long but unfortunately paying for that. It is because of the reason that the demand for electricity in Canada has been met, at least partially, through burning coal as well as other fossil fuels that also generate pollution and are harmful as well. But it is not easy to switch to another source of power.
It is considered that Canada is not ready for the adoption of solar power as it lies in the northern region that gets very fewer hours of sunlight especially in winter months. Another reason for this hesitation is that the energy cost here are comparatively low than other countries of the world so the solar energy will be an expensive project in Canada.
According to the authorities there are a number of things that are needed to work out at federal, provincial and municipal level as well in order to help spark widespread adoption of the solar energy system. The experts say Canada seems to lag in area of getting it to work altogether. It is assumed as battle with gas and oil, but actually it is not.
The actual issue is the hunger for gas and oil will soon come to an end what supplies the country has. Therefore it is required to conserve and search for alternatives before the country run out.
There is another problem that every region of the country has a different conversation when it comes to solar panels Ontario rather than a cohesive approach to use it. It is important that everyone should work together in order to decide the appropriate mixed energy supply.
Cost of solar panel:
The move to renewable energy requires government commitment as well as resources to get where it needs to be. But it also means cost and inconvenience. It requires huge investment in infrastructure and that includes solar farms that take up big space as well as additional grids to deliver the power to the places where people live and work. As an industry, it is compulsory to include the renewable energy into the mix.

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