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Press Release: June 05, 2020

We are a Scientific E-News publishing organization which provides platform for all researchers to publish their research paper (abstract/article, full paper and video presentation) on this web, which is verified by the world’s top eminent and expertise personalities as Scientific Editorial Member (SEM). Scientific E-News is providing the best platform for all researchers and scientists to learn and share their research work in Infront of all over the world.

For more information visit: https://www.scientificenews.com

Call for papers at Scientific E-News

We would like to welcome/invite academicians, young researchers, students to submit their research paper at Scientific E-News. We are very much aware about of quality research and reputation. We publish only original research (abstract/article, full paper and video presentation) which is verified / reviewed by World’s Top and good Scientists. Our team work to produce a best policy to build an outstanding / extraordinary collaboration between science and researchers. Scientific E- News covers a broad spectrum of research in all scientific field such as Medical, Technological, Environmental Science, Engineering, Human, Space, Life, General Science and Society. Research Paper Publication provide the valuable benefits and innovative ideas to get exposure to your research career.

Submit your paper at:  http://www.scientificenews.com/submit-abstract

Send us your paper: contact@scientificenews.com

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