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Scam alert of COVID-19, more than £970k loss in a month

Press Release: March 23, 2020

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) becomes a pandemic in early 2020. Apart form the damage it brings to the society’s health and intrusion of daily life; it also provides an alternative for scammers to deceive people into disclosing personal or financial information. As the world is not well prepared for the unprecedented pandemic, the loss of amount due to COVID-19 scam is soaring. Recently, www.tellows.co.uk, an online platform for users to rate and comment on unknown phone numbers, has published a blog article regarding to the latest news of Coronavirus scam. It brings example of scams related to COVID-19, suggestion of how to avoid falling victim and what to do in case of scammer’s approach. One of the most common seen phone scams related to COVID-19, is that scammer pretends to be medical officials, claiming a relative has fallen sick with the virus and then requesting payment for their treatment. More information about the article: https://blog.tellows.co.uk/2020/03/latest-scam-alert-of-covid-19-more-than-970k-loss-in-a-month/ Further Links: Website: https://www.tellows.co.uk Blog: https://blog.tellows.co.uk Magazine: https://www.tellows.co.uk/c/about-tellows-uk/the-tellows-magazine-for-the-uk/ Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.tellows iPhone App: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/tellows-caller-id-block/id1166263660?mt=8 Contact: Christian Anton tellows ltd. Eschenring 6 04282 Bennewitz Tel.: +49 341- 35540902 Mobil: 0152 – 28754986 Fax: +49 341 – 35540902 E-Mail: presse@tellows.de The phone number community makes it possible for consumers to enter information and comments on numbers, besides others, on www.tellows.de, www.tellows.com, www.tellows.co.uk, www.tellows.co.nz, www.tellows.fr, www.tellows.es and www.tellows.it. In this way, tellows shall prevent consumers from being deceived. Commercial registry: Magistrates' Court Leipzig HRB 26291, managing director: Stefan Rick

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